Macros, bots, clients and scripts – The secrets of SST

Long before the current crop of clients in SST, there was automation in one form or another. It was just kept secret from most of the players and used just by the elite to rule the game. Many of the features now available in the game were introduced by Ray to help balance the game, things like the macro, the auto-scoop and the scout launcher. And later on, spurred even further automation. As more graphical based games started flooding the internet, the client port was added and the graphic client was born and evolved into what some people know as the Kirellii client. And which is probably the source for most of the current clients and bots being used these days.

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The Spectrum

With all the action going on in TLF (and nothing to do during science class) I decided to scratch up a spectrum. I put it in word, took a photo of it and here it is. Please don’t be offended if I got it wrong. Nobody on the list is inherently evil. This is all from the way I know. There are some people on it I’ve barely talked to. I didn’t know what to call the split of people into following Kry or follow Drag, so I called it Kryist and Dragist. Please leave some feedback!
Mirari's Spectrum

Someone stole my ships!

Many players may have seen messages in TLF claiming that ships used in an attack had their passwords hacked and ships were stolen. What they may not know, is it’s highly unlikely to have actually happened. Anyone who has downloaded the tarballs for SST or TLR will soon realize that the passwords are not hackable, as they use a one-way cipher that’s not only based on the name of the ship, but also on it’s position in the user database.

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Space Tyrant Results – Round 1

This last round was ended abruptly by Ray due to a major glitch I found. With 3+ Scanners, you scan ships, which takes up fuel. It is possible to get negative fuel. Then after waiting 1 minute, you get 50,400,000 grams of fuel, or half a games worth. Repeat as desired.

You get the picture. This led to some major scores. Here’s the results (My ship, spiral, would be up near Bestark’s [test] but he killed it twice, and due to another glitch, test’s score appears to be negative, also, for some reason, pathological is ranked at 450, which is very odd because his score was around 11,000,000 before I destroyed it, such a large drop)

Rank ________Player Name________ Team_ Ship_ ___Score___ _____Galaxy_____ _Tag_
   1 test                        [Q&A] Huntr  -2123412843 Algol               77
   2 spiral                      [ACE] L.Cru   385963889 ~ship destroyed~   309
   3 Fleet Tender                [WDM] L.Cru   327568354 ~ship destroyed~   433
   4 bloodquest                  [ACE] Freig    27626634 Sabik              184
   5 Ghost                       [GST] L.Cru     4531355 ~ship destroyed~   392
   6 Bestark                     [Q&A] L.Cru     3033705 Algol                2
   7 mirari                      [ACE] L.Cru     2852344 ~ship destroyed~   157
   8 Phantom                     [GST] L.Cru     2101810 ~ship destroyed~   419
   9 Jackpot!!                   [ACE] L.Cru     2073563 ~ship destroyed~   439
  10 Target Drone                [~~~] L.Cru     1154822 ~ship destroyed~    10
  11 blackjack                   [ACE] L.Cru     1127105 ~ship destroyed~   437
  12 shadows                     [ACE] L.Cru     1101706 ~ship destroyed~   417
  13 Star Trader                 [~~~] L.Cru     1064951 ~ship destroyed~     1
  14 Star Ranger                 [WDM] L.Cru      924747 ~ship destroyed~    33
  15 Shadows of the Past         [ACE] L.Cru      693380 ~ship destroyed~   436
  16 reflections                 [ACE] L.Cru      667289 ~ship destroyed~   408
  17 kirshaw                     [~~~] L.Cru      511555 ~ship destroyed~   378
  18 ace of spades               [ACE] L.Cru      437205 ~ship destroyed~   438
  19 unsigned int                [~~~] L.Cru      404070 ~ship destroyed~   447
  20 SSSS                        [~~~] L.Cru      379337 ~ship destroyed~   449
  21 sssss                       [~~~] L.Cru      379287 ~ship destroyed~   448
  22 Aji                         [~~~] L.Cru      309841 ~ship destroyed~   445
  23 hydrogen                    [~~~] L.Cru      293537 ~ship destroyed~   444
  24 papercut                    [GST] L.Cru      256037 ~ship destroyed~   422
  25 conquest                    [ACE] L.Cru      212822 ~ship destroyed~   159
  26 jimun                       [~~~] L.Cru      162855 ~ship destroyed~   443
  27 Talon_Jasra                 [~~~] L.Cru      148305 ~ship destroyed~     8
  28 praveena                    [~~~] L.Cru      120305 ~ship destroyed~   442
  29 pravi                       [~~~] L.Cru      120105 ~ship destroyed~   441
  30 mark420                     [~~~] L.Cru       85905 ~ship destroyed~   440
  31 carter                      [~~~] L.Cru       73205 ~ship destroyed~   446
  32 aasd                        [~~~] L.Cru       73205 ~ship destroyed~   450
 450 pathological                [GST] L.Cru       27021 ~ship destroyed~   393

I destroyed every single ship except my own, which is probably why bestark came after me ;)
Next round Ray is promising changes. The bug will be fixed and another glitch causing people to run out of time will be fixed. The biggest change will be that wormholes will interlink the outer galaxies with others of their kind (bar, irregular, cluster, etc.)

*lets out a little ‘woohoo’ for getting the format right for scores

Spam attack

This site has been spammed… I’ve deleted all of the spam comments… if you’re after cheap flights I suggest you go elsewhere! :)

I’ve got a couple of choices to prevent/reduce the comment spam.

  1. Make all commenters register – Registration is currently optional, I’d like to leave it that way.
  2. Moderate comments – Just great… no comments allowed unless I individually approve them!
  3. Install spam filters – An automated approach… but it may prevent legitimate posts.

The third option is actually the simplest one to implement, there’s quite a few plugins for WordPress designed specifically to reduce spam.

If you have trouble leaving a comment, email me or leave me a message on TLF.


New 70-Day Game

A new space tyrant game has started. Unfortunatly, you can’t view the previous game’s results. For the most part, the order was (by player name, not ship name)
Bestark, Mirari, Ray, M.O.G, Star Ranger
I’m looking forward to seeing more people in this next round. Look out for my ships: Conquest, Mirari, Bloodquest, Spiral (cheating ship), Reflections, Shadows, Shadows of the Past, Blackjack, Ace of Spades and Jackpot!! on team [ACE] Starship Trader’s Casino (my unnoficial title while under g’s wing)
Laters, Mir

TLF-20070410 Rankings

Not sure if I should do this again… last time I posted the rankings I obviously upset some people who felt it was necessary to knock my ships out of the top 20 ;)

It’ll be interesting to see what the rankings will be like at the end of the month when Dragelet has his ‘retirement party’. I’ve been hearing a lot of different rumours on what retirement actually means, and I’m sure it’s purely coincidental that non-TCW teams and indies have ensured that TCW ships are on top for this historical event!


______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Team  Rank Ship __Score__ _Region_ 
DRAGELET                 Fake Retired Too   [TCW]   1* HFr 1463201791  960001s
JUME                     Who May?           [TCW]   2* HFr 1460073860       1s
LIQUOR                   Dont even know her![TCW]   3* HFr 1448119303  400001s
TAR                      Nicotine           [TCW]   4* HFr 1423117372  480001s
BLAH                     What - Me Worry?   [TCW]   5* HFr 1422608097 1480001s
DOCTORZ                  Retired +1         [DOC]   7* HFr 1361504850 1760001s
BIKINI COMMANDO          King of the Breasts[WWS]   8* HLi 1340839521  200001s
POUND OF FLESH           Where's my         [TCW]   9* HFr 1330809426  480001s
WHITE WIZARD             Emperor+7          [WWS]  10* HFr 1329048650  880001s

______________Team_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s) 
The Commonwealth                          [TCW]      1      49017903
Blood Money                               [B.M]      2      37900439
The Void's Devourers                      [TVD]      3      35253527
The Varangian Guard                       [TVG]      4      27131929
Freedom                                   [KRY]      5      20591521


Here’s the results from the latest round of TLR.

Ubertrader (BC) has finished in the top spot… Bestark a close second!

Good news, the number of registered ships has gone up this round!

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Gang  Rank Pack __Score__ _Region_ 
UBERTRADER               Try Space Tyrant!  [TF3]   1  JFp   52225825  Larissa
BESTARK                  Space Tyrant Rocks![---]   2  CFp   52014931   Tethys
COOKIE_MONSTER5          +Czar+             [_A_]   3  JPr   34088498       Io
COOKIE-MONSTER5          Space Tyrant+5     [_A_]   4  SLi   33077215   16001s
COOKIE+MONSTER5          Warlord+4          [_A_]   5  Lin   31751061  112001s
MEMBERID                 Tactician+9        [BIC]   6  HLi   31184281  288001s
COOKIE MONSTER5          Admiral+9          [_A_]   7  HLi   26854696   32001s
MOOTPOINT                Nomad+7            [---]   8  JPr   21376120       Io
RAGNAR                   Ranger+9           [---]   9  Fre   18165990  320001s
CRUSOE                   Nomad+8            [---]  10  Fpa   13179555       Io

And here’s the Team rankings from this round

______________Gang_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s) 
The A Team                                [_A_]      1        125770
The Fabulous Fig Fighters                 [TF3]      2         52225
wow, fenris, horde                        [BIC]      3         31184

For the full listings click here

Upgrade time

Looks like tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me!

Debian has FINALLY released their latest version… which means it’s time for me to upgrade, and that means that this blog will most likely be up and down numerous times during the day.

Short list of what I have to get done…

Backup my main Linux server and the two Xen virtual hosts.
Backup the blog

Upgrade the main Linux server to Debian 4.0 (Etch). I’m not sure how this will affect the Xen hosts :(
Upgrade the Xen virtual hosts.

Cross fingers and pray that everything still works!

Depending on how long this all takes, I may finally get around to replacing my current Linux firewall as well… and maybe add the gravatar support to the blog as well…


Most Active Ships: Ed. 5

I have come up with roughly the most active ships. This is not based on how often one logs in, but rather, what one does when logged in. (Just sitting in bunker and talking, like me, is not active)
Bestark … [B.M;MPE]
Canopus … [B.M]
Dragglett … [TCW]
Mirari … [MSS;SOP]
Vanguard … [VAN]
Wizard … [WWS]
Killer Cool … [NET]
Talon Jarsa … [MSS]
Krazy … [KRY]
Duks … [MSS]
Doc … [DOC]
Goat Face Killer (GFK) … [MSS;VRS]
Nimrod … [MSS]
Sniffer … [NET]
Bassbusta … [SOP]
Noise … [ISC]
Sick Society … [SS!]

Cookie-Monster 5 … [_A_]
Ubertrader … [TF3]
Mootpoint … [---]
Bestark … [---]
Direbmem … [BIC]

The Green Lantern … [UND]
note: not to my knowledge the AMC one, rather Underdog, on team MSS
Wrestlemania … [TGK]
Mirari … [_._]
note: tried to get it to look like something (hehe)
Chronoflux … [LIM]
The Masked Trader … [---]

Space Tyrant
Bestark … [---;MKS]
Ghost … [mog]
Mirari … [MSS]
Markus … [MKS]
Ray … [ST!]

If you have any updates, or I forgot you, post a comment and I’ll edit the list.