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I’m starting to get some feedback on this site, which is great considering it’s not widely publicised.

Being an admin here means I have a dashboard control that shows me all the recent comments that have been posted… but there was no such tool for site visitors.

So I’ve added a new tool to the sidebar, that will show the top 5 articles which have received comments. The number of comments, and who has posted comments is also shown. The color of the poster is suppose to represent the ‘age’ of the comment: Darker colors are recent posts, and the lighter colors are older post.


Rankings from Round 4 of TLR

The round is over… Artemis has finished first again!

And congratulations to Amber, whose team took out 1st position!!!

Here’s the top 10, the full list is on the next page.

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Gang  Rank Pack __Score__ _Region_
N00B1E                   Tyrant+7           [BAP]   1  CFp   67926999  320001s
RAVEN                    The Morrigan       [WWW]   2  CFp   58283690  240001s
CAPTAINBLASTO            +Overlord+         [WWW]   3  JBp   44311768   80001s
HERO76                   Scoundrel+6        [---]   4  CBp   37044025  160001s
VINYL TRIXTA             +Darkside Soljah+  [BBH]   5  CPr   35833498  160001s
KRAZY                    +Overlord+         [AOA]   6  JPr   33518604  320001s
BOT BET1                 +Czar+             [---]   7  Fan   32622780  160001s
SIVART                   Outlaw+3           [---]   8  CGa   32165405  320001s
SONG SUNG BLUE           +Czar+             [AOA]   9  CPr   32105339  160001s
TOW                      Hunter+1           [DBH]  10  CFp   31910238  320001s

And now for something different, here’s the top 5 teams for this round!

______________Gang_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s)
Angels of Amber                           [AOA]      1        190738
Return of the Spiders                     [ROS]      2        181437
Welly Wascally Wabbits                    [WWW]      3        173371
Deliverance                               [DBH]      4        173166
Bits and Pieces                           [BAP]      5        136930

For the full listing click here

Alternate game has started

It’s old news, but I have to post something here!

There’s good news for all of those people who don’t like the Resort theme of the current official game, Dragelet has decided to host his own game at

The games at this site will only be classic styled games (no Resorts in sight!) and all players have to take their ships through a ladder game before they make it to the full size mapped (currently running under the name ELF – Extended Last Frontier).

In an attempt to hinder cheating, the admins have added the ability to see what IP addresses players have been using. In principle this is a good idea, but in reality the determined cheaters out there will just learn to be more careful. It also makes it harder to run Indie/Spy ships, but not impossible.

The real bad news though is that the client port has been disabled. Even though there have been plenty of posts acknowledging that most bots work in telnet & http mode, the game administrators have decided that the biggest threat to the integrity of the games are client users?

There has been a big recruiting theme on the boards of both TLR & SST, and the radio logs of both games almost always seem to contain a reference to this new game.

My take on all of this? It’s kind of obvious, the current settings of TLR are a major hinderance, so a lot of players will be moving to the new game simply because it’s easier! The new game will also serve the task of being a training area for those players who haven’t been able to compete with the really skilled players that have been dominating the TLR universe!

I hope everyone enjoys the new game, and when they’re after a real challenge they just need to remember to visit!