ELF – Eternal Lifetime Feud?

The ban has now reached the 600 day mark…

It’s quite admirable that Dragelet has stuck to his principles, and continues to deny me access to the only remaining SST server, yet still refuses to divulge the reason for the ban.

But that is where my admiration now ends… I now consider his server an abomination to the memories I had of SST.

SST began as a BBS text game, but you have destroyed it’s heritage by disabling this method of play… and your reason why? It’s the source of all things evil… bots, scripts, clients? Or is it because those were the tools that you used to rape and pillage the original SST game, and you’re worried someone may use your own tactics against your server?

I’ve been wondering why Ray shutdown his server and has been unavailable to explain why… I’m beginning to suspect that he wasΒ embarrassed that he didn’t do anything to prevent you from ruining the game.

So to wrap it up, if you’re a real die hard SST fan, treasure your memories of SST as there no longer exists any game servers that continues the true spirit of the game, and that the creator of the game would be proud of.

SST Nostalgia

In celebration of their 10th birthday, Google has for a limited time pulled out of their archive the oldest index of the web they have. This index goes back to the end of 2001. Being curious, I decided to do a search of ‘starshiptraders’ to see what I would find:

Starship Traders Webgame: A free online realtime multiplayer …
StarshipTraders.com. (There are 7 players online @ 02:29 KST). If you are a new
player please read the information below. Enter your name or a pseudonym: … – View old version on the Internet Archive

For a limited time you can go here: http://www.google.com/search2001.html and search the web as it was back in 2001. Click on ‘View old version on the Internet Archive’ to see any page found as it was cached back in 2001. I found the log in page for the game as well as the team page for Game 000. I believe the search will be up for the month of October so be sure to check it soon, and look up starshiptraders for a little SST Nostalgia.

TLF-20080726 Rankings

The final TLF ranks (ever!)

I’ve been putting off posting these results… it just doesn’t seem right that a game I’ve invested half a decade into could be so easily erased.

As this is a special occasion, I’ve decided to show more ships & teams on the summary page than normal…

Congrats to the dedicated members of team MSS… though it’s a score bug ship, unless Ray comes out of hiding and deems it an invalid score, REEF1 is clearly superior to all of us! πŸ˜›
And having a team ranking of #7 is something to be proud of.

I’m very pleased that 7 of my original ships made it into the top 11 (The Robottt ships were donated to me by Q when I joined DBD) and that team MPE, under the guidance of the resourceful Captain Bestark, maintained our #1 position to the very end.

To all the people that have ever played TLF…

Thanks for the memories, it’s been an honor to play with most (some?) of you!

PS This site will be maintained by me for as long as I can… It’s exact future is still yet to be determined.

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Team  Rank Ship __Score__ _Region_
REEF1                    Mercenary+2        [MSS]   1* SBa 2987644026  400001s
KREAKY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   2* HFr 1781102286  200001s
KRANKY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   3* HFr 1771587739  880001s
KRAFTY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   4* HFr 1711101499  640001s
KREEPY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   5* HFr 1695892012 1720001s
MAGELITE                 +Overlord+         [MPE]   6* HFr 1681876570  480001s
NX-74205                 U.S.S. Defiant     [B.M]   7* HFr 1651448411 1120001s
LONE FOX                 A lonely universe? [MPE]   8* HFr 1649467130 1120001s
KRISPY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   9* HFr 1568534537  200001s
ROBOTTT8                 +Overlord+         [MPE]  10* HFr 1549356183  280001s
KRAZY                    +Overlord+         [MPE]  11* HFr 1544997591 1600001s
RED OCTOBER              THE HUNT FOR       [B.M]  12* HFr 1530980443 1120001s
GHOSTFURY                iNvISiBle fUrY     [RIP]  13* HFr 1527258855 1120001s
RIGEL                    Betelgeuse?        [MPE]  14* HFr 1522605193 1120001s
HODDING CARTER III       +Overlord+         [RIP]  15* HFr 1499827609 1120001s
NCC 1701E                Make it so #1...   [B.M]  16* HFr 1491679205 1120001s
FLAMEFURY                Tyrant+0           [RIP]  17* HFr 1490138914 1120001s
QUALITY                  Quantity?          [B.M]  18* HFr 1489206035 1120001s
NATIONAL                 Secret?            [MPE]  19* HFr 1489040003 1120001s

______________Team_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s)
Mercantile Partners Empire                [MPE]      1      69929567
Netrek                                    [NET]      2      54767045
The Commonwealth                          [TCW]      3      39655326
Resting in Pieces                         [RIP]      4      30933828
The Void's Devourers                      [TVD]      5      26068594
Blood Money                               [B.M]      6      25936959
Microsoft Sucks                           [MSS]      7      22869893
The Varangian Guard                       [TVG]      8      20079614
Followers Of Bob                          [FOB]      9      18728277
Doc's Retired Ships                       [DOC]     10      15558841

End of an era

That’s it, the IOResort server is no longer responding as of 15:00 AEST (+10:00).

I grabbed a copy of the rankings about 4 hours ago, which I’ll post later today. If anyone has a newer version let me know.

Farewell TLF & TLR! It’s been a blast!

On a related note, Space Tryant has also disappeared.

TLF-20080622 Rankings

I was about to post the latest rankings from TLR and realised that I haven’t done one for TLF for quite a while… and with the looming threat of a sudden shutdown of the IORESORT.COM server, it may very well be the last one I’ll ever post.

The first two ships here are victims of the score bug… there are only two know ways to fix the score on these ships.
1 – Leave the ships in the hospital and they’ll disappear from the rankings
2 – Hunt them down and kill them when they leave the hospital… eventually the score bug will occur again and the score will be reset to zero.

We’re all living on borrowed time in TLF… this could be the last chance you’ll ever have to extract your revenge, so log in and play… NOW!

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Team  Rank Ship __Score__ _Region_
RANDOM ENCOUNTER          (in hospital)     [FOB]   1* Cor 4049234368 1120001s
GOLIATH BATTLE FLEET      (in hospital)     [FOB]   2* Cor 4023541002  480001s
REEF1                    Mercenary+2        [MSS]   3* HBa 2735804694 1360001s
KREAKY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   4* HFr 1741081597  200001s
KRANKY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   5* HFr 1731903668  680001s
MAGELITE                 +Overlord+         [MPE]   6* HFr 1719588157  480001s
KRAZY                    Just a little bit  [MPE]   7* HFr 1705143373  760001s
KRAFTY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   8* HFr 1682787866  280001s
KREEPY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   9* HFr 1662066639 1720001s
NX-74205                 U.S.S. Defiant     [B.M]  10* HFr 1597494720 1120001s

______________Team_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s)
Mercantile Partners Empire                [MPE]      1      81684326
Netrek                                    [NET]      2      55279651
Blood Money                               [B.M]      3      45071003
The Commonwealth                          [TCW]      4      39905546
The Void's Devourers                      [TVD]      5      32809321

Omnious announcement!

The following announcement has appeared on the web login pages on both TLR & TLF

This game is going down soon!

(The entire server is going offline shortly)

I don’t have any other details yet…

Tactic #1: Know your game server(s)!

Here’s the first post in a (hopefully) ongoing series of hints and tips…

What do you do if the game server doesn’t appear to be working? You try to browse to IOResort.com and your web browser times out or gives you some type of error message.

Unless the server has completely died or the hosting ISP has gone out of business, there’s a good chance it’s only a minor problem with DNS or a rogue process on the server.

That’s where this handy table comes into play… it’s got all the info that a player needs to access the games directly! πŸ˜€

Game Server IP Address Http Telnet Client
TLR ioresort.com 80 23 666
TLF ioresort.com 1880 1823 1866
ST ioresort.com N/A 9999 N/A
ELF starshiptraders.net 1080 23 N/A


Note: The problem this past weekend on ioresort.com only affected the TLR game… TLF & ST were still up and running, you just needed to remember what ports they use!
Note: I’m unable to confirm the ELF information as I still seem to be banned/blocked… πŸ˜›

TLF-20070910 Rankings

Update time!!!

Major movements in the ranks as a lot of people take their frustrations out on KC.

Kudos to Duks & the remaining loyal MSS players who have played a major part in the destruction over the last couple of weeks!
And I also have to thank Bestark, for his determination to see so many MPE ships on the first page πŸ˜€

More to come, as KC prepares his counter attack… decisions decisions, which ships out of his inherited hundreds will he use?


______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Team  Rank Ship __Score__ _Region_
KREAKY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   1* HFr 1406990616  200001s
KRANKY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   2* HFr 1400981963  720001s
MAGELITE                 +Overlord+         [MPE]   3* HFr 1387263456  480001s
PRIME MOVER              OPTIMUS            [NET]   4* HFr 1384572515 1560001s
KRAZY                    Just a little bit  [MPE]   5* HFr 1369898094  760001s
DOCTORZ                  Retired +1         [DOC]   6* HFr 1362540645  400001s
DOC6                     Not Doc            [DOC]   7* HFr 1352769009   40001s
KRAFTY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   8* HFr 1344905824  640001s
HUNTRESS                 Emperor+1          [B.M]   9* SFr 1342780662 1160001s
DOC5                     Retired +7         [DOC]  10* HFr 1340297502  640001s

______________Team_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s)
Mercantile Partners Empire                [MPE]      1      59327605
Blood Money                               [B.M]      2      48545827
Netrek                                    [NET]      3      42581502
The Void's Devourers                      [TVD]      4      35232907
The Commonwealth                          [TCW]      5      29269891

The beginning of the End?

There’s yet another sour taste in the air at TLF…

MSS has been betrayed by one of it’s own, and the identity of my self proclaimed nemesis may have been revealed… or at least the substitute identity.

Most of these events occurred whilst I wasn’t around, so may not be entirely accurate. The order may not be correct either πŸ˜›

  • DPS attacks MPE farms, and gets MSS & COG to assist.
  • Mir announces his retirement, and has left his ships with the ship sitter (KC)
  • Cleanup of inactive NET ships upsets KC, attacks on MPE/B.M assets begin.
  • All hell breaks loose when MSS is allowed to claim planets from a NET farm that is being uncovered.
  • NET attacks MSS, and it is revealed that KC has access to more than just Mir’s ships on MSS… apparently Nimrod, ABCD & DFGH have been under KC’s control for a while (I’m guessing since the retirement of another player)

The future of MSS now looks shaky as the betrayal appears to have broken their morale…
All I want to say is, don’t just give up… don’t hand your ships over to someone else… liquidate everything and hit those who have betrayed you!

There’s probably more to the story than what I’ve posted here. If anyone wants to help fill in the gaps let me know!

Oh yeah, I’ve finally had some feedback on the state of the ELF server.
Apparently the server was due to be upgraded the week before the online graphs went insane.
There’s no explanation of why the strange data was generated, or why I’ve been blocked from accessing the server… but my informant is worried about possible backlash from the admins, so has asked me not to identify who they are.

See my paranoia is contagious! πŸ˜€

TLF-20070801 Rankings

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’ve been a very lazy person… no score updates for 6 weeks?

What’s been happening lately? Not much actually, it appears to be holiday season in the northern hemisphere, resulting in even fewer players than normal πŸ™

Worth mentioning though are the following two chain of events.

* Mir arranged for a ship sitter to look after his ships while he’s off.
* Mir then reported his ships stolen… all of the passwords had been changed.
* Nimrod publicly accuses KRY of stealing his teammates ships.
* The ship sitter was revealed to be KC (how many ships are you looking after now?), and Mir was able to get to his ships again.
* And the last we heard… the passwords have been changed again πŸ˜›
* And we’re still waiting for a retraction of Nimrod’s accusation! πŸ˜€

* RAGEAGAINSTTHEMACHINE was released from the hospital, with the score bug still in full effect.
* RAGEAGAINSTTHEMACHINE was returned to the hospital…
* Repeat the above two events another 20-50 times…
* RAGEAGAINSTTHEMACHINE now has a score of 0! The overflow bug that gave the ship the ridiculously high score had finally been triggered again, resulting in an underflow calculation.
* KC accuses B.M of having admin access to the server, and of tampering with the ship’s score. ROFLMAO, I challenge anyone who believes this is possible to install the SST game and to actually have a look at what options an admin actually has.

And lastly… I’ve jumped teams! I’ve joined forces with Bestark and Spiro, and my ships are now on MPE. I’m still allied with the remaining members on team KRY.


______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Team  Rank Ship __Score__ _Region_
BIKINI COMMANDO          King of the Breasts[NET]   1* HFr 1490382137  200001s
PRIME MOVER              OPTIMUS            [NET]   2* HFr 1465088671 1560001s
LIQUOR                   Dont even know her![NET]   3* HFr 1456172303  400001s
BLAH                     What - Me Worry?   [TCW]   4* HFr 1445188323  480001s
JUME                     Who May?           [TCW]   5* HFr 1417235355       1s
DRAGELET                 Fake Retired Too   [TCW]   6* HFr 1410229225  880001s
AXE1                     +9/11 Memorial+    [NET]   7* HFr 1393319037  760001s
KRANKY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   8* HFr 1376795416  720001s
TAR                      Nicotine           [TCW]   9* HFr 1370258303  480001s
DOCTORZ                  Retired +1         [DOC]  10* HFr 1362540645  400001s

______________Team_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s)
Mercantile Partners Empire                [MPE]      1      61909774
Blood Money                               [B.M]      2      43446776
Netrek                                    [NET]      3      41211663
The Void's Devourers                      [TVD]      4      35234590
The Commonwealth                          [TCW]      5      29734463