SST Nostalgia

In celebration of their 10th birthday, Google has for a limited time pulled out of their archive the oldest index of the web they have. This index goes back to the end of 2001. Being curious, I decided to do a search of ‘starshiptraders’ to see what I would find:

Starship Traders Webgame: A free online realtime multiplayer … (There are 7 players online @ 02:29 KST). If you are a new
player please read the information below. Enter your name or a pseudonym: … – View old version on the Internet Archive

For a limited time you can go here: and search the web as it was back in 2001. Click on ‘View old version on the Internet Archive’ to see any page found as it was cached back in 2001. I found the log in page for the game as well as the team page for Game 000. I believe the search will be up for the month of October so be sure to check it soon, and look up starshiptraders for a little SST Nostalgia.