Yes, the site does look different… I’m going to try out a few different themes until I find one that I like…

Most themes leave a signature at the bottom of the page, if you see one you like leave a comment… if you hate it leave a comment…

I may or may not take your comments into consideration 😛


4 Replies to “Updates”

  1. I’m not fussy about themes with dark backgrounds and light coloured text. I tend to find them hard to read. Could be my choice of browser though. The sites I’ve found hard to read may just be fine when using IE.

    BTW, this particular theme doesn’t work with firefox on either linux or windows. You can’t submit comments, as the submit comment button can’t be found. Almost sent you an e-mail instead to report a bug, but decided to try IE first 😛

  2. This theme had two color schemes, dark or light…. I’ve switched to the light one for you 😉

    As for the Submit Comment button, turns out it’s a CSS bug. The theme author had a suggestion on how to fix it, but left out one important bit of info… the light theme has the css file in a different location 🙂

    BTW I like your avatar! If you don’t have a registered Gravatar the blog generates one for you based on your email address 😛

  3. LOL, never paid too much attention to the avatars, but yes it’s a good one. This version of the theme is firefox friendly. You can’t seem to win however, now the rankings are a little hard to read. Not that any new rankings are likely to be posted 😛

  4. lol
    Well there is ELF, a possible source for new rankings…

    My IP is still banned from there, but I’ll make an appearance there shortly 😉

    You should check out some of the other avaters… some of the auto generated ones are just too appropiate for some ppl 😀