ELF challenge!

It’s now been over 500 days since I was banned from ELF.

But by using my mystical knowledge of proxies I do pop in there on occasions. 😛

My interest in all things SST is fading slowly… I’ve found a new online game to play that is consuming a lot of my spare time. The player community is extremely active and the game developer hasn’t abandonded his creations.

But I digress, back to ELF… I noticed a lot of familiar names listed on the history page. Seems a lot of players who disappeared in the last couple of years of TLF have started to reappear. ELF is doing a great job of continuing the SST legacy.

Now for my challenge… or should I say challenges?
There’s less than 3 days to go in the 000 game. I’ve logged my ship in (ANONYMOUS) and have left it parked somewhere.

  • Challenge 1: Find my ship!
  • Challenge 2: Get the kill shot on my ship!
  • The prize? Well… you’ll get exclusive bragging rights that you’ve found and/or killed my ship.


    4 Replies to “ELF challenge!”

    1. My interest has slowly been fading too. With the upgrade to a pc with more cpu/graphics horsepower, I decided to check out some new pc games (space related of course). Big mistake, as they managed to consume a lot of my spare time with their ruthless AIs 😛

    2. I’ve mourned the loss of SST long enough. I’ve moved on to Chosen Space and was hooked on the game in less than 24 hours of play. I’ll be posting an article soon with my first 10 days or so of experiences from that game.