The Spectrum

With all the action going on in TLF (and nothing to do during science class) I decided to scratch up a spectrum. I put it in word, took a photo of it and here it is. Please don’t be offended if I got it wrong. Nobody on the list is inherently evil. This is all from the way I know. There are some people on it I’ve barely talked to. I didn’t know what to call the split of people into following Kry or follow Drag, so I called it Kryist and Dragist. Please leave some feedback!
Mirari's Spectrum

Update: Art’s client

Art provided this screenshot a couple of weeks ago… figured it was about time I did a new article on it! 😉

Most graphical client GUI

Message: 17 Sun Dec 3 22:12:25 2006 (Public)
Subject: Client update
Please uninstall the old client and delete the folder it was in before
installing this version.
Several new features including drag port to planets, ability to turn off
sound. Auto trade a path, and change scoop settings.
Let me know as you find bugs… I’m sure there are several…

Pic of Artemis’s new client

Thanks to Bestark, I’ve now got a screen shot of Artemis’s new client.

Feast your eyes on this bit of eye candy!
Art's Whiz-bang client

Written in VB6, so should work with all versions of Windows.
Brand new GUI (how did you manage to do this in VB6?)
SQLite DB for tracking basic information.
Path finding code

Art: Any other features I should mention?

Screenshots: Kry’s Lost client (C#/.NET1.1)

These screenshots are from my original client which I wrote for SST.
Unfortunately all of the code for it was lost when my HDD died (March 2005)

This client was written in C# (which I was learning at the time) and used the Magic Library to get all of those cool draggable windows.