Chosen Space – My first days

I’ve mourned the loss of SST long enough and finally decided to try out Chosen Space. It’s similar to SST but has much more depth to the game. I’ll describe my experiences of the first 10 days or so that I played. These are my opinions and what you experience may differ.

When first starting the game you have the option of choosing between 4 different types of ships. You can choose a corvette (CV), miner (LMR), merchant ship (LMT) or a freighter (LFR). I recommend the freighter for anyone coming from SST, as you’ll be able to use some of your trading skills acquired. I chose the freighter, so I’ll describe what came with that choice.

I was given a shiny new freighter with 4,000 isoton capacity cargo holds. The unit of trade for various items is the isoton. I was also given 1M credits to start. Those credits provide you with the initial capital required to trade. The game is turn based and you are given 1440 turns that refresh at the rate of 1/minute to a maximum of 1500. That balances things out so that people who have all day to play, don’t have an advantage over the more casual players. Another important thing to remember when starting, is that you’re safe from attacks in your new ship for the first 20 days, as long as you don’t attack anyone. You lose that protection the minute you attack someone.

Game economy is based on credits and points. Point system is a way to get players to promote the game and it rewards those who do by allowing them to get new objects in the game, like bigger ships and bases. You get 96 points per day doing nothing at all, but you can also get additional points from clicking on the links leading to the various voting sites that promote the online games or by buying points from players who sell them. Credits are like the microbots of SST. You need those to trade, and buy resources to build the various components that make up the bases and ships of the game.

Game also has teams, which are called factions. To progress faster, you should really consider joining a team. Many of the larger teams don’t just help you with training in the game mechanics, they’ll even supply you with larger ships and loan you credits to get started. I had played for about 3 days before joining the United Systems Fleet (USF). I did pretty well and accumulated a little over 100M credits, but even the most inexpensive upgrades cost several 100M credits and 5000 points and up. Within an hour of joining the USF, Kry had transferred a faction freighter he wasn’t using and another player loaned me 500M credits so I could take advantage of some expensive but profitable items to fill the hold of my much larger faction freighter.

All in all, it was a great starting experience for me, and I was able to return the credits loaned to me within less than a week of play after joining a team. I’ve been also given a decent faction mining ship and a warship which I’m expected to man when called upon. Haven’t seen any action yet, but I did end up joining the USF in the middle of a war, so had a few restrictions like having to dock ship at all times when finishing up using our daily turns. And was called once to bring the warship to an enemy dock as part of a show of force 😛

Expect to see more articles, should there be an interest, as I was pretty much hooked after barely 24 hours of play. The game has much more depth than SST and the conflicts that do exist between various factions, reminds me a lot of my early days in SST.

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  1. Nice article B

    Now all we have to do is recruit some more of our lost SST brethren!

    For those who are interested in joining, the game can appear to be quite daunting to begin with… use the Chat Room buttons to get into an IRC channel and you’ll find that there’s always someone there willing to help out newbies, or recruit them into their faction 😉


  2. Can I sweeten the deal? How about a couple hundred points. Depending on where you get them, they’re worth from a couple hundred million credits to several hundred million 😛

  3. Art!!!

    Long time between visits!

    Still going strong, I’ve somehow managed to climb all the way to the top of the faction I’m in… I’m now a co-leader 😛

    Come join in, we’re always happy to help an ex-SST player.