SST Revival?

With the ELF game now being the only game in town, it looks like it is now finally getting some traction with more than 100 logins every day. It’s nice to put geographic locations to the various players with the help of the login history page. It is however, amusing or sad depending on how you look at things, that the more things change, the more they stay the same. It appears that the fear of client use there is also gaining traction, despite the fact that is highly unlikely to be even happening! With the game now being a browser only game, many of the browser related bugs are now coming to the surface.

One such bug is the game reset bug which occurs when an impatient browser user is the person who initiates the reset. Fortunately for ELF, the games being reset are run on a fast server (ie. not likely shared or virtualized)and have relatively small active maps. Unlike when the game is initiated through a telnet/client connection, the browser user gets no notification that a game reset has been started. Believing that the browser has hung, logging back into the game before map creation is completed, aborts the message clearing step before it has a chance to run. There is at least one work around that I can think of, but I’ll leave that as an exercise for the game admin.

It’s certainly worth dropping into the game for the entertainment 😉

One Reply to “SST Revival?”

  1. Lol I’ll have to remember to check my own blog more often.

    I’m actually surprised by the increase in visitors this blog has received since the shutdown of IOResort. Most of them do come from search engines so there is still an active interest in SST 😛

    I’d love to drop in, but my IP address is still banned/blocked 🙁