TLF-20080726 Rankings

The final TLF ranks (ever!)

I’ve been putting off posting these results… it just doesn’t seem right that a game I’ve invested half a decade into could be so easily erased.

As this is a special occasion, I’ve decided to show more ships & teams on the summary page than normal…

Congrats to the dedicated members of team MSS… though it’s a score bug ship, unless Ray comes out of hiding and deems it an invalid score, REEF1 is clearly superior to all of us! 😛
And having a team ranking of #7 is something to be proud of.

I’m very pleased that 7 of my original ships made it into the top 11 (The Robottt ships were donated to me by Q when I joined DBD) and that team MPE, under the guidance of the resourceful Captain Bestark, maintained our #1 position to the very end.

To all the people that have ever played TLF…

Thanks for the memories, it’s been an honor to play with most (some?) of you!

PS This site will be maintained by me for as long as I can… It’s exact future is still yet to be determined.

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Team  Rank Ship __Score__ _Region_
REEF1                    Mercenary+2        [MSS]   1* SBa 2987644026  400001s
KREAKY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   2* HFr 1781102286  200001s
KRANKY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   3* HFr 1771587739  880001s
KRAFTY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   4* HFr 1711101499  640001s
KREEPY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   5* HFr 1695892012 1720001s
MAGELITE                 +Overlord+         [MPE]   6* HFr 1681876570  480001s
NX-74205                 U.S.S. Defiant     [B.M]   7* HFr 1651448411 1120001s
LONE FOX                 A lonely universe? [MPE]   8* HFr 1649467130 1120001s
KRISPY                   +Overlord+         [MPE]   9* HFr 1568534537  200001s
ROBOTTT8                 +Overlord+         [MPE]  10* HFr 1549356183  280001s
KRAZY                    +Overlord+         [MPE]  11* HFr 1544997591 1600001s
RED OCTOBER              THE HUNT FOR       [B.M]  12* HFr 1530980443 1120001s
GHOSTFURY                iNvISiBle fUrY     [RIP]  13* HFr 1527258855 1120001s
RIGEL                    Betelgeuse?        [MPE]  14* HFr 1522605193 1120001s
HODDING CARTER III       +Overlord+         [RIP]  15* HFr 1499827609 1120001s
NCC 1701E                Make it so #1...   [B.M]  16* HFr 1491679205 1120001s
FLAMEFURY                Tyrant+0           [RIP]  17* HFr 1490138914 1120001s
QUALITY                  Quantity?          [B.M]  18* HFr 1489206035 1120001s
NATIONAL                 Secret?            [MPE]  19* HFr 1489040003 1120001s

______________Team_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s)
Mercantile Partners Empire                [MPE]      1      69929567
Netrek                                    [NET]      2      54767045
The Commonwealth                          [TCW]      3      39655326
Resting in Pieces                         [RIP]      4      30933828
The Void's Devourers                      [TVD]      5      26068594
Blood Money                               [B.M]      6      25936959
Microsoft Sucks                           [MSS]      7      22869893
The Varangian Guard                       [TVG]      8      20079614
Followers Of Bob                          [FOB]      9      18728277
Doc's Retired Ships                       [DOC]     10      15558841

One Reply to “TLF-20080726 Rankings”

  1. Good time, good times indeed. My only regret is that I let some fuel go to waste thus preventing me from at least making it into the top 15% 🙁

    And about Reef’s score, I’ll let Duks explain that 😀