The beginning of the End?

There’s yet another sour taste in the air at TLF…

MSS has been betrayed by one of it’s own, and the identity of my self proclaimed nemesis may have been revealed… or at least the substitute identity.

Most of these events occurred whilst I wasn’t around, so may not be entirely accurate. The order may not be correct either :P

  • DPS attacks MPE farms, and gets MSS & COG to assist.
  • Mir announces his retirement, and has left his ships with the ship sitter (KC)
  • Cleanup of inactive NET ships upsets KC, attacks on MPE/B.M assets begin.
  • All hell breaks loose when MSS is allowed to claim planets from a NET farm that is being uncovered.
  • NET attacks MSS, and it is revealed that KC has access to more than just Mir’s ships on MSS… apparently Nimrod, ABCD & DFGH have been under KC’s control for a while (I’m guessing since the retirement of another player)

The future of MSS now looks shaky as the betrayal appears to have broken their morale…
All I want to say is, don’t just give up… don’t hand your ships over to someone else… liquidate everything and hit those who have betrayed you!

There’s probably more to the story than what I’ve posted here. If anyone wants to help fill in the gaps let me know!

Oh yeah, I’ve finally had some feedback on the state of the ELF server.
Apparently the server was due to be upgraded the week before the online graphs went insane.
There’s no explanation of why the strange data was generated, or why I’ve been blocked from accessing the server… but my informant is worried about possible backlash from the admins, so has asked me not to identify who they are.

See my paranoia is contagious! :D

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