New Game in Town

Looks like the current TLR game will be replaced with a new one. Settings look interesting… hope it will attract some new players or at least bring back some of the old ones. New game will be starting near the end of September according to the message posted by the admin. A test game has also been setup for players to check prior to game start.

Message: 1 Sat Aug 18 16:37:12 2007 (Public)
Subject: New Game Format

Next game will be a 3 month game.
Format will be resort game in a 1.6M sector/room universe and with
the following game settings:
6 days production, 1000 production bonus, 2M fuel allocation
initial base cost 15000, team size 12 and maximum bunker size 15
Those interrested, can check out the 35 day test game which is
configured at the settings of the next game.