Tactic #1: Know your game server(s)!

Here’s the first post in a (hopefully) ongoing series of hints and tips…

What do you do if the game server doesn’t appear to be working? You try to browse to IOResort.com and your web browser times out or gives you some type of error message.

Unless the server has completely died or the hosting ISP has gone out of business, there’s a good chance it’s only a minor problem with DNS or a rogue process on the server.

That’s where this handy table comes into play… it’s got all the info that a player needs to access the games directly! 😀

Game Server IP Address Http Telnet Client
TLR ioresort.com 80 23 666
TLF ioresort.com 1880 1823 1866
ST ioresort.com N/A 9999 N/A
ELF starshiptraders.net 1080 23 N/A


Note: The problem this past weekend on ioresort.com only affected the TLR game… TLF & ST were still up and running, you just needed to remember what ports they use!
Note: I’m unable to confirm the ELF information as I still seem to be banned/blocked… 😛

One Reply to “Tactic #1: Know your game server(s)!”

  1. I should be back in December or so. In the process of moving, don’t have much time for gaming atm. Feel free to kill my ships though lol.. Some decent farms on tethys although the bonus was not too good if I remember right.