TLR is offline

I guess the title says it all…

I’ve been told an email has been sent to Ray, so I guess we’re playing the waiting game now 🙂

BTW I’ve reset the data for my online graph of TLR to just before the problem occured. The graph showed that over a 2 hour period the number of users gradually reached over 100. Since nobody was actually able to log in the graph isn’t that useful.


5 Replies to “TLR is offline”

  1. OMG..
    A waiting game…
    I really hope it comes back ..
    Just as team MSS was about to move up again in the ranks,
    Hmmmmmmm.. COuld this be a plot
    by the famious hacker KC to not lose !!!!!

    Anyway – guys if it does not come back ( Gulp)
    I hope to catch you all in some other game. Send some posts of suggestions.

    The only perrson I know who will be happy if it does not
    come back is my Wife..

  2. LOL Duks, I doubt KC has anything to do with it. TLF is still running fine. Didn’t realize you were also playing TLR. Hope Ray fixes the problem soon, I’m starting to crave my TLR fix 😛