Rankings from Round 1 of TLR

Here’s the top 10 of the first round of TLR

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______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Gang  Rank Pack __Score__ _Region_
BESTARK                  Chairman R.D. Coop [RDC]   1  SFr 1158311697       1s
KRAZY                    I got second place![RDC]   2  Fre 1022752016       1s
SOPCHOPPY SAM            Chancellor+7       [_A_]   3  SLi  897655168       1s
BOT BET1                 Say NO to Gambling [---]   4  Lin  840857959       1s
GUMBY                    Security R.D. Coop [RDC]   5  SFr  839965847       1s
STARFURY                 Research R.D. Coop [RDC]   6  SFr  820467946       1s
IRON KNIGHT              Relentless         [FOE]   7  SFr  817219750       1s
MISTER T                 First Star Master  [_A_]   8  SLi  810263498       1s
TALON_JASRA              Jedi Master        [FOE]   9  HFr  762009859       1s
POKEY                    Robotics R.D. Coop [RDC]  10  SFr  700452078       1s

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Screenshots: Kry’s Lost client (C#/.NET1.1)

These screenshots are from my original client which I wrote for SST.
Unfortunately all of the code for it was lost when my HDD died (March 2005)

This client was written in C# (which I was learning at the time) and used the Magic Library to get all of those cool draggable windows.