Rankings from Round 2 of TLR (Incomplete)

Looks like Ray accidently lost the final rankings… which I found out about after I had cleared the history from my client! 🙁

Luckily Amber had the foresight to save some of the rankings as she logged out…

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Gang  Rank Pack __Score__ _Region_
KRAFTY                   +Czar+             [RDC]   1  SFr  520104200       1s
KATRINA                  +Overlord+         [---]   2  HCr  450822814       1s
POKEY                    +Czar+             [RDC]   3  SFr  443710707       1s
KRANKY                   +Czar+             [RDC]   4  JFp  423046878   Helene
KREEPY                   +Overlord+         [RDC]   5  JFp  350729397   Helene
AMBER                    +Czar+             [AOA]   6  JPr  344912657       Io
WINNIETHEPOOH             (in hospital)     [RDC]   7  SFr  343995759       1s
AYRADYSS                 +Czar+             [AOA]   8  HLi  343424690 1440001s
BESTARK                   (in hospital)     [RDC]   9  SFr  331520359       1s
KRAZY                    +Czar+             [RDC]  10  JFp  322718411   Nereid

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