Too quiet?

Wow, almost a month has gone by, and nothing seems to be going on?

TLR – I’ve barely been able to find time to log a ship in for the current round. The way the round started left my ship in an exposed situation. I was the first ship to log in for the new round, and my ship started off in the 240K region… Not really a problem, until I realised I was outside of the ‘known’ universe size… this meant that the elevators, transport booths etc wouldnt work for me!

NUMBER 52 also reported a navigation bug they found in galaxy #20. Not much info to go on, but I think I found what they’re referring to… If you try to generate an autopilot path from the top half of that galaxy back to the lower part you’ll get kicked out of the game! The weird part of this bug is that your ship remains logged in without any time usage penalty? I was able to duplicate the bug from several different computers & operating systems and in other galaxies too…

SST – Situation normal… it looks like a lot of old farms are being raided… by indies of course.

RL – I’ve been out of commision for the last month with the flu… which is part of the reason I’ve been having trouble finding time to log into TLR.

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