Rankings from Round 7 of TLR

That’s it for round 7… didn’t play much this round, and by the look of it we’re still suffering from player attrition 🙁
However, taking a closer look at the scores, it looks like the level of competition has been lifted again!

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Gang  Rank Pack __Score__ _Region_
TRIBBLETROUBLE           Baron+1            [ILL]   1  Pol   65586896   80001s
TARGETDRONE              Tyrant+3           [---]   2  Pol   58362089   80001s
DILITHIUMMINER           Warrior+1          [---]   3  Pol   51304270       1s
KAMIKAZE COWGIRL         +Overlord+         [AOA]   4  CPr   49578492   80001s
MR_SANDMAN               Gladiator+8        [---]   5  Pol   49411672   80001s
CHAMPION WOMBAT          +Czar+             [---]   6  JGa   44702932       1s
BLUE OPAL                Barbarian+9        [AOA]   7  CPr   44436161       1s
AMBER                    +Overlord+         [AOA]   8  CPr   42184961   80001s
CLUSTER BUSTER           Outlaw+5           [---]   9  CBp   33139845   80001s
HUDSON CREAM             +Czar+             [BAR]  10  Por   30129319   80001s

And here’s the Team rankings from this round

______________Gang_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s)
Angels of Amber                           [AOA]      1        197149
Rise of the Titans                        [ROT]      2        133800
ILLICIT_LIAISON                           [ILL]      3         65586
Pirates of the Planetarium                [ARG]      4         61488
The Publicans Union                       [BAR]      5         55361
Legion of Dynamic Discord                 [LDD]      6         26090

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5 Replies to “Rankings from Round 7 of TLR”

  1. “still suffering from player attrition” is an understatement..Something needs to be done about the game settings and quick…Congrats to Ayra, for 2 #1 Team status in a row 🙂

  2. ok, congrats for 4 dominating rounds. and RDC was only around for 2(1?), looks like they got tired of playing, or changed names and abandoned their clients.

  3. Thanks, guys.. I didn’t realise my team had won 4 rounds now. I’m sure it was all down to “a little help from my friends” (probably more than just a little too). 😉