New 800K universe with resorts

If you haven’t been playing for a while, now is the time to try out the game. Ray has just updated the game server code to a version which supports resorts of multiple sizes. This first game, a 42 day game, has the minimum size map that supports resorts, an 800K universe composed of 400K sectors and 400K rooms divided among 25 resorts.
Should be a lot easier to find those resorts. The new code also should make resets a lot more reliable than they have been in the past. I’m sure some have entered the game several days after a reset should have happened, and still got the reset in progress.

Be sure to check things out. The smaller map size should also make the game a little more responsive.

3 Replies to “New 800K universe with resorts”

  1. Yuck! So we’re still with the resorts thing. I’ve never liked that format, but I’ve continued to play in the hope things might change. Ah well.

  2. Having both resorts and open space gives the game a bit of variety.

    One problem I can see with the small size of the resorts is that IO will soon become a killing field… so many easy targets in such a small area 😛

    Perhaps in the next round the cost of upgrades could be toned down a little (100K avg at the moment?) and maybe even the cost of the starport lowered?

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