Clients released

Bestark has released a client for Space Tyrant. This client is aimed at those users who don’t like the telnet interface. Download it here

Also Artemis has released a fancy GUI client for TLR. Still a bit buggy (sorry Art, I crashed it within 10 minutes!) but it has a lot of advanced features… Download it here
I just have to work out how to get a screenshot or two 😉

Here’s the official announcements

Message: 2  Mon Oct  2 22:35:12 2006  (Public)
To:      ALL                     
From:    BESTARK                 
Subject: Space Tyrant                                                    

For those interested in trying out Space Tyrant, but don't care about telnet
an experimental client is available which will allow players used to a browser
a way to play from windows based machines with a clickable interface.
A zip file of the program with source can be downloaded from here:, just unzip the exe into a folder
and run.  Client basically provides buttons to click for most operations
so you don't need to learn all the telnet commands to play the game.

Message: 4  Sun Oct  8 05:04:03 2006  (Public)
To:      ALL                     
From:    ARTEMIS                 
Subject: Client                                                          

I have a new TLR client that is available for download. I am still updating
it, but most all the features should be working. There is no documentation for
it at this time, but it is pretty straight forward to use. One thing I might
mention, is that you must turn off hotkeys in game for it to work. 
you can download it here.
Let me know if you find any major bugs..
~ Art ~