ELF Update

A little complaint about the failures with the login history page has turned into an attack of my character.

No one seems to believe that there is a problem with the page, I keep getting the old “It works for me, so it must be your computer” line.

So let’s clarify a few obvious problems with that statement!

  1. I’m not an idiot!
  2. Other users have mentioned this problem to me (I’m refusing to divulge their information to save them from being attacked!)
  3. I have tested from both home and work
  4. I have used multiple computers
  5. I have used various browsers
  6. Family members have the same problem
  7. See #1

I’ve attempted to follow Dragelet’s request to solve this via email, but only received an excuse about me not being a player?

In one of my posts on the ELF message board I’ve made a statement about why nobody else is complaining about the page problem… after seeing the way I’ve been attacked, why should anyone else step forward?

So I’ve decided to add a poll to my blog.
The first question is whether the login history page is accessible to you.
All voting will be anonymous!

That’s enough rambling for now… don’t forget to vote!

2 Replies to “ELF Update”

  1. I’ve decided I’m going to immortalise some of the messages from ELF’s message board here 🙂

    Message: 8 Thu Nov 9 09:43:15 2006 (Public)
    To: ALL
    From: FIREFLY
    Subject: Interesting IP statistics from last round

    Sun Nov 5 23:45:37 CST - 205.175.121.??? - ARISTOTLE
    Sun Nov 5 23:30:44 CST - 205.175.121.??? - ICKABOD THE TURTLE
    Sun Nov 5 23:34:06 CST - 205.175.121.??? - PATHONATOR
    Fri Nov 3 23:12:38 CST - 205.175.121.??? - VESTIAN
    Thu Nov 2 21:11:41 CST - 216.186.65.??? - ARISTOTLE
    Thu Nov 2 21:23:18 CST - 216.186.65.??? - CANNIBAL
    Thu Nov 2 21:10:34 CST - 216.186.65.??? - CICERO
    Wed Nov 8 15:35:01 CST - 66.161.166.??? - ARISTOTLE
    Tue Nov 7 19:01:43 CST - 66.161.166.??? - BALLER
    Mon Nov 6 15:32:40 CST - 66.161.166.??? - GONNAFINDIT
    Tue Nov 7 11:13:25 CST - 66.161.166.??? - JSCO
    Tue Nov 7 16:45:06 CST - 66.161.166.??? - MIRRORMIRROR
    Tue Nov 7 13:28:58 CST - 66.161.166.??? - OH YOU DIDNT KNOW?
    Mon Nov 6 18:08:17 CST - 66.161.166.??? - STARCRAFT
    Mon Nov 6 13:45:15 CST - 66.161.166.??? - WRESTLEMANIA
    Tue Nov 7 18:41:56 CST - 66.161.166.??? - YAHMON
    Tue Nov 7 09:54:49 CST - 66.162.112.??? - JSCO
    Tue Nov 7 09:18:02 CST - 66.162.112.??? - MIRRORMIRROR
    Tue Nov 7 09:46:37 CST - 66.162.112.??? - WRESTLEMANIA
    Sat Nov 4 02:44:27 CST - 67.160.71.??? - CANNIBAL
    Tue Nov 7 15:48:07 CST - 71.197.235.??? - HYPERION
    Sat Nov 4 14:17:49 CST - 71.197.235.??? - SCOUT 7
    Mon Nov 6 16:39:18 CST - 71.212.48.??? - ARISTOTLE
    Fri Nov 3 13:59:25 CST - 71.212.48.??? - CANNIBAL
    Fri Nov 3 14:09:13 CST - 71.212.48.??? - CICERO
    Tue Nov 7 18:34:50 CST - 71.212.48.??? - HYPERION
    Fri Nov 3 17:49:46 CST - 71.212.48.??? - ICKABOD THE TURTLE
    Fri Nov 3 13:17:58 CST - 71.212.48.??? - PATHONATOR
    Fri Nov 3 16:57:20 CST - 71.212.48.??? - SCOUT 7
    Tue Nov 7 14:30:19 CST - 71.212.48.??? - THE EBOLA VIRUS
    Fri Nov 3 02:08:32 CST - 71.212.70.??? - VESTIAN
    I removed (NEW USER) from lines that had it to make things fit here.
    Draw your own conclusions. This came from this morning's login_history

    Message: 9 Sun Nov 12 08:10:34 2006 (Public)
    Subject: Interesting IP statistics from last round

    And the truth is revealed at last!
    Since the post from Firefly, the login history page appears to have been
    disabled! Obviously the anti-cheating establishment wants to ensure that
    nobody else is caught cheating? Caught being the operative word!

    Visit http://ioresort.com for your next real game.

    Yours truely,

    Message: 10 Sun Nov 12 09:31:15 2006 (Public)
    From: SIVART
    Subject: Interesting IP statistics from last round

    what are you talking about? The login page works fine. I can see you logged
    in from 220.240.124.??? and a number of people after that too. Hmmm, actually
    thats the same IP as the kry blog page. which i've read and can see the
    same anti-active-sst-game propagada here too. You can have your ioresort
    game with your 4 players. i'll stay here where its got enough competition
    to be fun.

    really kry if you hate the active game so much why do you even want to
    check the logins? if you just played and got into the second game you'd
    have a lot more fun.

    Message: 12 Sun Nov 12 10:16:20 2006 (Public)
    From: VISTA
    Subject: Interesting IP statistics from last round

    Here's proof that i can view it:

    Sun Nov 12 08:03:50 CST - 220.240.124.??? - ANONYMOUS
    Sun Nov 12 08:40:21 CST - 82.12.254.??? - HMS KICK UR FAT ASS
    Sun Nov 12 08:42:14 CST - 82.12.254.??? - HMS OZYMASTER
    Sun Nov 12 09:07:04 CST - 70.80.96.??? - CRITTER
    Sun Nov 12 09:21:30 CST - 12.217.205.??? - SIVART
    Sun Nov 12 09:31:35 CST - 82.12.254.??? - HMS OZYMASTER
    Sun Nov 12 09:34:05 CST - 12.217.205.??? - SIVART
    Sun Nov 12 09:44:01 CST - 70.80.96.??? - CRITTER
    Sun Nov 12 09:45:35 CST - 70.147.170.??? - MAJ ICEMAN

    if you're having problems or questions you should email the server admin.
    he has his email plainly posted on the http://sst.mob.net page.

    Message: 15 Wed Nov 15 02:12:30 2006 (Public)
    To: ALL
    From: VESTIAN
    Subject: WOW when did this message menu get so active?!

    for the record...the sst admin email doesnt work...i just got a bounceback...
    also FOR THE RECORD MR.BONES- i gave 2 of my ships to wrestlemania-
    which is why some of the ips match for his ships and mine- "aristotle" "cicero
    other than that...our sets of ships are totally different....if anyones really
    interested, heres all the ships ive played thus far-
    ickabod, pathonator, cannibal, cicero, aristotle, hyperion, and scout 7
    double check ips on those if ya dont believe me...go ahead! i dare ya! lol
    they sometimes change cause i play from cpu labs...and of course i gave
    aristotle and cicero to wrestlemania, so those will be from his ips lately...
    quit ur bellyachin and flee if ya cant handle it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~- -Happy Huntings- -~

    Message: 16 Wed Nov 15 02:13:36 2006 (Public)
    To: ALL
    From: VESTIAN
    Subject: i also play this ship...of course....lol;)~

    Message: 17 Wed Nov 15 22:45:34 2006 (Public)
    From: INFEST
    Subject: WOW when did this message menu get so active?!

    are you sure about the bounce? I just sent him one too and it went through.
    Or at least it hasn't bounced inthe last hour now. I asked him to log
    in again and read and answer the messages. The Team & Player pages show
    him as not logged in since Oct 22nd so he hasn't seen any of this so far.

    Message: 18 Wed Nov 15 23:57:44 2006 (Public)
    To: INFEST
    From: VESTIAN
    Subject: well...not positive bout the bounce...but heres what i recieved

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: elf-admin
    Technical details of permanent failure:PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 9): 550
    [elf-admin(at)sst.mob.net]: Recipient address rejected:
    User unknown in relay recipient table
    so maybe i had the wrong email? but the thats the one i got from the homepage

    Message: 19 Thu Nov 16 12:08:01 2006 (Public)
    From: INFEST
    Subject: well...not positive bout the bounce...but heres what i recieved

    Thats the address I used. I know he also goes by dragelet@sst.mob.net
    - at least back in the old days of starshiptraders.com

    Message: 20 Fri Nov 17 00:32:21 2006 (Public)
    To: ALL
    From: DRAGELET
    Subject: the game

    Greetings all.

    Well this has taken an interesting turn from what I was expecting. Now
    here comes my winded response:

    First of all. As I've mentioned in the start page and the main login page,
    if you don't tell me who you think is cheating then I won't see it and
    I won't know to take action. Don't expect me to drop in here to look for
    public messages on a regular basis. Between more than 60 hours a week
    of regular work, contract work on the side, and a toddler in my life I
    just don't have time for logging into more games than the few that I already
    do. For the Vestian (who couldn't email me) I'm not sure what the story
    is there. I've received email from Infest this week and more than a few
    from Ayradyss a while back. So unless something hiccuped on the mail server
    I don't think it was ever not functioning. But no, I didn't get a mail
    from Vestian. Please resend it Vestian.

    Second. I'm not disabling the login page or blocking anyone at all. If
    you're have a problem seeing the page it has nothing to do with my server.
    You really need to take that up with your ISP. If you are having problems
    getting to the page, just let me know who you are and I'd be happy to
    set up a cron job on my server to send you a daily email of the logins
    until you can sort out your technical problems. Or if you want to troubleshoot
    it with me then take it up in private email, not on the message bases.
    This board is for SST talk, not tech support for your PC problems.

    Third, per the login log page I can see that this Firefly guy is Bestark
    (or someone from his network). I'm a bit disappointed in Bestark for that.
    And if Sivart is right about the other person being KRY (who i don't know
    his IP but I know he's one of Bestark's henchmen) then I'm a little concerned...
    I don't know what you guys are up to but if you're out to stir up trouble
    for my quiet SST server then I'd appreciate if you quit. Is there something
    that me or the users have done to cause you enough distress to launch
    this stealth propaganda campaign against me and the site?

    I guess the lesson to learn here is to check in more than once a month.
    And to never assume common decency from those who I've never been hostile
    towards in or outside of the games. Perhaps I unknowingly pissed off
    Bestark and his henchmen but I'm not aware of when/how. I would just expect
    far better behavior from fellow vets. Or perhaps I'm just naive about
    sst players in general.

    Hopefully this will stem some of the stupidity going on here. Just go
    play the game and save the conspiracy theories for the players in the
    game rather than the server admin.

    Dragelet (dragelet@sst.mob.net)

    Message: 21 Fri Nov 17 06:27:44 2006 (Public)
    Subject: the game

    lol Well I'm busted, but it's not like I was trying hard to hide my
    identity :)

    I don't actually play here, mainly due to your anti-client policy, but
    several players have mentioned to me that they felt users were abusing
    the ship-limit policy. Your post now makes it clear that they should
    notify you via email with their concerns.

    As for the login page, there are definitely issues there. I often get
    asked to check the page due to other users appearing to be blocked.
    What really seemed strange is that I've always been able to get to the
    page, until last week when it worked one day, and hasn't worked since!

    And of course I'm trying to stir up some trouble... without it all of
    our conspiracy theories would of remained unanswered!!!! :P

    But let's save the other players from having to listen to our verbal
    drool. If you want my assistance in resolving the log page issue send
    me an email...

    KRY (tlr.kry@gmail.com)

    Message: 22 Fri Nov 17 11:01:57 2006 (Public)
    From: SIVART
    Subject: the game

    If you don't like the "anti-client policy" (that I've never heard of before
    you said it now) then why do you log in? I don't like the TLR format so
    I don't log in there anymore. Rather than logging in and complaining about
    this and that, just don't log in.

    Or rather that spewing attacks at the effort the admin is making to stop/detect
    people over the ship limit just because you don't like something about
    here, you ought contact him and ask him to alter whatever you don't like
    about the server. He's written messages many times before asking for advice
    on game changes and has been very receptive to suggested changes. And
    even if the cheating effort he makes is somewhat minimal and also not
    difficult to work around, its a hell of a lot better than what I see in
    other games of sst.

    Per the admin's message, if you or these "other users" (that for some
    reason come to you for these things) can't figure out how to view the
    logs you need then he offered to email them to you. It seems pretty straight
    forward and honest to me.

    Message: 24 Fri Nov 17 19:10:23 2006 (Public)
    From: INFEST
    Subject: the game

    how could there be an anti-client policy? it would be impossible to enforce.
    I just tried and was able to log in with one of my old saved clients from
    TLF. So I know they are capable of being used even if there against some
    policy of Drag's. don't be such a hater.. just play the game and enjoy.

    Message: 29 Sat Nov 18 05:43:21 2006 (Public)
    To: INFEST
    Subject: the game

    The anti-client policy I'm referring to is the blocking of the
    'client' port that my client uses. It's the same port that
    Kirelli's GUI client utilised.
    I could rewrite my client to use telnet, or even http, but
    there are features with the client port that makes clients
    easier to use and control.


    Message: 30 Sat Nov 18 06:05:13 2006 (Public)
    To: SIVART
    Subject: the game

    LOL I log in here very rarely, I'm lucky if it's once a week.
    I've noticed the radio on TLR is a lot quieter now that you're not
    logging in complaining and telling everyone that this is the better
    game! :P

    And I'm not spewing attacks at anyone, I was just pointing out that
    there was a coincedence between someone posting about potential
    cheating, and the sudden increase in problems accessing the login page.

    And what cheating in the other sst games are you referring too?
    Apart from ppl exceeding the ship limits (which is a problem in all
    sst games), I'm not aware of any other cheating?

    Honestly, I think Dragelet's intentions to try and reduce cheating
    should be commended, but as he's finding out, it's very difficult
    to deliver.

    Now for the login page problem... I've had the occasional look (when
    it use to work for me), but then I kept hearing about difficulties
    in accessing it. As it stands right now, I'm unable to access the
    page from home or from work. I've tested with NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista
    and every browser that I know of. But as per Dragelet's request, I'm
    going to email him and see if we can get this problem resolved.


    Message: 33 Sat Nov 18 12:49:34 2006 (Public)
    From: DRAGELET
    Subject: the game

    Can you give me any non-selfish reasons that I should open a port that
    is used exclusively for software for certain users that most or all others
    don't know about or have access to? My opinion of clients on the client-port
    is that it gives the user an advantage over ther other interfaces or otherwise
    they wouldn't be using them. I believe a game should have a level playing
    field for all.

    And Infest is right, I can't stop one from working over telnet. So if
    you wanted one bad enough to rewrite yours then you could get your way
    whether I liked it or not.

    Message: 36 Sat Nov 18 14:16:15 2006 (Public)
    From: DRAGELET
    Subject: the game

    I starting replying to your email a little bit ago but then I came to
    the realization that it didn't make sense to. You aren't a player. You
    don't intend to become one. The logins are of no concern to you. Am I
    right or is that an unreasonable statement?

    Message: 38 Sat Nov 18 18:21:08 2006 (Public)
    To: ALL
    From: VESTIAN
    Subject: who mentioned katrina kirelli ?!

    wheres Kat when you need her...she'd slap these newbs around a bit...
    for everyones sake...
    ~-= =-~Happy Hunting~-= =-~

    Message: 40 Sat Nov 18 18:52:10 2006 (Public)
    Subject: the game

    No I'm not a player... but that's a lame excuse for not fixing the
    problem that is affecting some of your players.

    How about a compromise then? I'll help you fix and identify the bug,
    and then you'll never hear from me again!


    Message: 41 Sat Nov 18 18:57:13 2006 (Public)
    Subject: the game

    You're right, my usage of the client port is selfish...

    And yes there are a few advantages the client port gives the users,
    but that's the way Ray wrote it.

    The fact that I don't rewrite my client is due to laziness, and also
    out of respect that you didn't want clients playing here.

    That's why I DON'T play here... does that mean I shouldn't log in
    and check the boards every now and then?


    Message: 43 Sat Nov 18 20:48:58 2006 (Public)
    From: INFEST
    Subject: the game


    So, let me get this straight. I can view the login history, Sivert can
    (since he posted it), Bestark can (since he also posted it), and no one
    besides you has complained. But yet you insist its a problem with the
    server? Well that makes all the sense in the world!

    Message: 44 Sat Nov 18 23:34:17 2006 (Public)
    To: INFEST
    Subject: the game

    I'm trying really hard to stay objective about this...
    You're correct I no longer have access, and yes there are no
    other people complaining, because have you looked at how much
    trouble I'm having to go through?
    Is it any wonder nobody else has complained?

    There is a problem, and it affects me both at home and at work...
    I have asked members of my family to try, all with no luck.
    That's a total of 7 different source addresses?

    The only other explanation is that the admins have blocked access
    to that page, but why would they do that?


    Message: 45 Sun Nov 19 03:52:41 2006 (Public)
    From: INFEST
    Subject: the game

    So you're saying that just because you and these presumed third parties
    (aka, your relatives) can't configure your PCs or network setting well
    enough to view some web page that vast numbers of people are having the
    same problems and yet no one has complained? You spin quite the story.
    If the server has been up since last December and this problem has existed
    since then I'm sure people weren't holding out an entire year waiting
    to see you challenge the admin here rather than write in on their own
    to ask about the problem.

    It's clear that you don't know that the word Objective means. Its egregious
    that you are letting your personal feelings get in the way of rational
    thought here. I've seen your blog. Its clearly anti ELF (isn't that what
    this place is called?). You can pretend to be innocent all you want but
    you have some sort of flagrant hatred or at least dislike for this SST
    game server. If you've fogotten go look at your blog posts saying there's
    a conspiracy to hide cheaters or that this is the play server where no
    challange exists. I personally don't blame Dragalet for not going out
    of his way to help you fix you and your relatives PC problems... hell,
    if I were him I'd just block you from even logging in for as much of a
    pain as you are being.

    Dragelet has done an excellent job and providing a good home to the old
    SST users who don't like the new formats. If you don't like that then
    just go away.

    Message: 46 Sun Nov 19 05:36:04 2006 (Public)
    To: INFEST
    Subject: the game

    If you've got a problem with my blog, take it up with me there.
    It's definitely not anti-ELF though? There's a total of 3 posts
    about ELF, and I've had this game listed in the Active Games area?

    Now, if you weren't so busy trying to abuse me, you'd notice that
    I have on several occasions mentioned that the login history page
    DID work, until recently. That is what I'm trying to resolve.

    I've started a poll on my blog about whether the login history page
    works for you or not... I suggest you use one of your many IP's to
    cast your vote for the affirmitave.


  2. More messages from the ELF boards

    Message: 47 Sun Nov 19 08:52:34 2006 (Public)
    From: DRAGELET
    Subject: the game

    Hah. Kry, you crack me up. Do you honestly think I'm sitting at home with
    all my spare time watching the apache logs looking for you and your relatives
    (how the hell would I know who your relatives are anyway?) and setting
    up blocks in apache for you? You really do flatter yourself that I would
    go so far out of my way to block you and your extended family. Just so
    you understand the magnitute of my efforts, I have also blocked your neighbors'
    IPs, your mistress's IP, your dentist's IP, your old college roomate's
    IP, your driving instructor from High School's IP, the IP of the young
    man who you claim to be "just friends" with in Ohio, and the boogey man
    who lives in your closet's IP address. All just so you can't access some
    page that doesn't amount to squat let alone this big stupid back and forth

    Message: 48 Sun Nov 19 08:53:53 2006 (Public)
    To: INFEST
    From: DRAGELET
    Subject: the game

    Thanks Infest. You have some good points but lets net get over zealous
    about this. I think someone needs to spend some time in the funny farm
    to tone down his conspiracy theories. Kry is downright being a troll (http://en.
    wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_trolls). Don't "feed" the troll by replying.

    Message: 49 Sun Nov 19 09:01:59 2006 (Public)
    From: DRAGELET
    Subject: the game

    So far (while looking at the working login history page) I've seen Infest
    only log in from a single IP/network.

    Just so you know, I'm not going to continue with this insanity here or
    over there. Its clear that you're trolling and have no reason to even
    be having this conversation. This has far surpassed the 5 minutes this
    entire conversation should have taken. If Infest wants to follow you to
    troll land then he can.

    Good day KRY, Bestark, and whichever other trolling henchmen show up.


    Message: 50 Sun Nov 19 11:33:15 2006 (Public)
    Subject: who mentioned katrina kirelli ?!

    does Kat still play? Haven't seen her in any game in many many months.

    Message: 51 Sun Nov 19 11:35:50 2006 (Public)
    To: ALL
    Subject: team

    anyone looking for an old player to join there team to help drive up the
    score a little? I'm rusty... i haven't played for a while because i thought
    ray took the domain offline. but low and behold, a google search brought
    me back here! Any interested parties, just PM me and i'll app to your
    team. thanks

    Message: 55 Sun Nov 19 20:37:42 2006 (Public)
    From: SIVART
    Subject: self-selected internet poll

    Internet on-line polls do not ever gather valid information. Use them
    for entertainment only.

    First off: an on-line poll cannot be valid because it is a self selected
    poll. Even if the objective is to find the opinion of those who select
    themselves, participation rates will vary according to the answers.

    Secondly: only a very select set of people will even know about any particular
    on-line poll. It will never be a valid demographic cross section.

    Third: the questions, as with most targeted polls, such as those put forth
    by political "researchers" are likely to be tailored to get particular

    Most Important, if the poll is on any meaningful subject, it will be stuffed
    and distorted. The internet enables very fast communications, and the
    word to stuff the poll will be quickly broadcast within particular interest

    ^ Text stole from: http://www.aaxnet.com/topics/polls.html
    In summary, your poll will be as ineffective as your ability to browse
    working websites.