Finding SST/TLR tarballs

I’m hoping to find some time this festive season to rewrite parts of my client… turns out I’m not as clever as I thought I was, and the multiple thread approach I used actually causes my client to crash on a dual-core processor! 🙁

So I’m creating a virtual linux box to throw onto my laptop, and I’ve come to the point where I need to find the SST/TLR installer.

Finding SST isn’t a problem, has a link to the tarball. However I’ve been unable to find an article there that has a link to the TLR tarball? Good thing I remember that Bestark emailed me the location earlier this year! (Thanks B!)

SST V1.8.5 7th December 2002
SST V2.1.0t 20th December 2005
TLR V0.5.9 26th February 2005

TLR Installer
[drain file 3 show]Version History[drain file 3 versions 10]
TLR Patches
[drain file 2 show]Version History[drain file 2 versions 10]

** Update 24-Dec-06 – I’ve been sent the binaries for TLR 0.6.0 & 0.6.1, with a note that Ray has approved their release! You’ll need to install TLR 0.5.9 and then replace the starocon & starinit files from the newer version.
** Update 14-Jan-07 – More bug fixes
** Update 5-Jan-08 – Fixed the download links… older versions hosted on this site are only available to registered users.
** Update 25-Mar-2008 – Bestark has combined the 0.6.2 binaries into a complete installation tarball.
** Update 14-Apr-2008 – Changed download plugin. This one adds version capabilities.

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  1. Thanks Kry…I was just thinking the other day that I need to write that link down somewhere because everytime I want to install TLR on my linux partition(I know not a good idea, but it’s all I have to work with) I have to go ask someone where to get it at. Thanks again!

  2. This was quick… I noticed a few discrepencies in the Deployed Forces report, and Bestark has already created a patch to fix the bugs that were introduced with the last two releases!

    Download V0.6.2 to get the updated binaries!

  3. All players start with a day’s allocation of fuel, that’s it… though it may be possible to change the ‘start’ date shortly after the game starts.

    Daily fuel issued can be set from the SYSADMIN account.

    [9] configure SST game
    A) dailyfuel [100000]
    antiissue (50000-1000000):


  4. In the same place where you issue daily fuel, you can change the start date and time using:

    [9] configure SST game
    G) Gamecycle [ 6] and reset start

    hit enter until you get:

    Add/Subtract [1 hour/1 day] [to/from] starttime? ([+/-] / [*/=] N) [N]:

    entering ‘=’ will roll the day back one day, repeat above steps up to 13 times to get maximum fuel allocation for ships.

    Good luck,

  5. I’m having trouble getting the TLR set up. I’ve tested it on an installation of Puppy Linux and an installation of Fedora 7.

    When I unpack the tarball and run, the telnet component didn’t initialize properly – big deal, I figure, just run starocon.

    It goes into the IP address prompt, as expected; however, just before cursor location at input prompts, as well as on blank lines, garbage appears (one or two unreadable/nonsense characters).

    I follow the prompts (with some difficulty), and it presents me with the login screen. I attempt to log in as the sysadmin account I’ve created – with no success.

    I suspect the input I’ve been giving starocon is becoming corrupted and not stored properly. I’m using the most recent TLR files provided – updated starinit and starocon to 0.6.2. Can anyone else replicate the problem or does anyone have an idea what’s going on?

    Please help – this is a great game and I’m interested in running a server.

  6. Well to start with, the starocon executable is designed to be run from inetd (or xinetd)… those strange characters you’re seeing would be part of the telnet/tty protocol negotiation.

    Do you know whether you’re using inetd or xinetd on your system?

  7. Until recently, there hasn’t been much interest in the binaries and the TLR install scripts are actually not very good. It’s very tricky to do a new install and get it all to work properly, since the install is based on placing the new binaries on a previous installation. I’m e-mailing Kry a new tar file from which, a clean installation with all the proper files, can be made.

    I’ve done a new install with the new tar file on my current Debian system (uses inetd though). Hopefully the xinetd script is good too. It should be ok though, since it was the inetd scripts that I recalled having problems with it.

    Should I find the time, I’ll try to setup a linux distro that uses xinetd. Hopefully the new scripts will work better than the old ones.

  8. So the executable was designed to be run from xinetd – that WOULD be my problem.

    Thanks so much for the clarification! Things are starting to work now 🙂

  9. I’m trying to find a way to get sst installed on my system as well and I’m having exactly the same prob. How do i get xinetd to install it. I’ve tried Fedora 8 and Ubuntu 8.04. Do I need to run a special install to get xinetd?