Things are changing (again)

In case you hadn’t noticed, the theme on here has changed…

I upgraded the blog software earlier today, and it looked like everything was working correctly… themes, plugins, polls, avatars etc.

 I had just finished patting myself on the back for a job well done, and that’s when I noticed a formatting problem…

The results of the last round had decided to double space themselves?  I refreshed the page and the results were good again?

Ahh… minor issue, nothing to worry about, right?

Nope!  The next link I clicked on resulted in an IE error screen (something about loosing data connection)!  Multiple refreshes, same result!  After cursing at the computer loudly, the page suddenly appeared!

Time to check out the log files… locating the cause of the data connection losses is easy, the apache child threads are Seg Faulting (crashing)… but no indication of why?

So it’s time to do some fault finding… I begin the task of disabling various plugins and testing each combination to see if the problem goes away.  Everytime I thought I had finally found the cause, it would reappear!

Time for a break… played with the kids, had some dinner, watched some TV, bathed the kids, put them to bed.

I sit down in front of the computer and it suddenly dawns on me… the theme!

Turn on the default widget enabled theme, and Voila! No more problems!

Reenabled all the other plugins, and I’m still unable to break it again!

So for now, I’m stuck with this blandish theme… I’ll go theme hunting this weekend.

However, if any of my numerous visitors 😛 experience any problems, please leave a comment.

Back to normal!

Ouch… 101 hours of no internet access!

I still haven’t received an acceptable explanation from my ISP, some upgrades occurred on Thursday with their provider and something failed… No backout plan, no spare hardware, no internet for several thousand Victorian users!

And of course, the upgrade was occuring the day before the Australian Day long weekend, so nobody was going to give up their holidays to fix it (strange though, I was on-call over both the Xmax & New Year weekends!)


That’s it for another round of TLR.

Congratulations to Bot Collector for taking out first place!
And we have a new team taking the #1 team position… led by the ruthless KC too!

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Gang  Rank Pack __Score__ _Region_ 
THE BOT COLLECTOR        +Czar+             [TF3]   1  CGa   82415554     Luna 
KRANKY                   +Czar+             [---]   2  JFp   81736337  Umbriel 
UBERTRADER               +Czar+             [---]   3  JFp   81150346  Titania 
KRAFTY                   +Czar+             [---]   4  JFp   77074432  Umbriel 
GESTALT                  +BARSHIPMASTER+    [BAR]   5  HLi   46963494  320001s 
DUKS DINGY               Commodore+6        [RFI]   6  HCr   46247159  256001s 
AYRADYSS                 +Czar+             [AOA]   7  JPr   40439985   Charon 
FISHHUNTER               Predator+4         [SG1]   8  HCr   37763693   64001s 
FROSTI                   +Overlord+         [---]   9  HCr   37257069  336001s 
NOTREDAME                Ruffian+4          [SG1]  10  JPr   36176323   Oberon

And here’s the Team rankings from this round

______________Gang_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s) 
Stargate SG-1                             [SG1]      1        191024 
Angels of Amber                           [AOA]      2        144111 
Resort Farmers Inc.                       [RFI]      3        118160 
The Fabulous Fig Fighters                 [TF3]      4         82415 
The Publicans Union                       [BAR]      5         46963

For the full listings click here

New poll: Which games are you active in?

Due to the popularity of the last poll, it’s time to start a new one!

Is there still any life in the SST/TLR community?

  • The number of new players in TLR seems to have dropped off quite a bit, and a lot of regular players have started to disappear.
  • I’ve lost access to the ELF history page again, so I’ve got no visibility into what’s happening over there. The message boards have been quiet lately.
  • As for TLF… there’s a lot of activity going on over there… ship hijacking, returning conquerors (sorry vets), delusional captains, kamikaze ships… the list goes on (and on)!

As another player pointed out, polls can be totally pointless… and exploited!
If you can vote more than once, DO IT!
If you can get an ex-player to vote, DO IT! (And get them to start playing again as well!)

Which games do you actively play in?
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