New poll: Which games are you active in?

Due to the popularity of the last poll, it’s time to start a new one!

Is there still any life in the SST/TLR community?

  • The number of new players in TLR seems to have dropped off quite a bit, and a lot of regular players have started to disappear.
  • I’ve lost access to the ELF history page again, so I’ve got no visibility into what’s happening over there. The message boards have been quiet lately.
  • As for TLF… there’s a lot of activity going on over there… ship hijacking, returning conquerors (sorry vets), delusional captains, kamikaze ships… the list goes on (and on)!

As another player pointed out, polls can be totally pointless… and exploited!
If you can vote more than once, DO IT!
If you can get an ex-player to vote, DO IT! (And get them to start playing again as well!)

Which games do you actively play in?
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