TLF Newsflash! Trolls emerging from sewers!

Things are heating up in the TLF world… and once again I’m the target.

This time though, it’s an attack on my character and the content of this website!

I’m curious, what reason would JEEP have for writing his post?  (Hint: Read messages 10827-10830 on the TLF message board)

SIVART is just trying to bait me into joining his trollish behaviour.  I’m surprised he has time to read the message board though, he’s way too busy running those 30+ ships at TLF… it looks like he’s way to busy to even play at ELF anymore (I have access to the ELF history page again)

TELNET!! is a ‘common’ MSS ship, piloted by many.  So I’m willing to bet that NIMROD was actually talking to himself :)

Message: 11414  Wed Feb 14 13:24:25 2007  (Public) 
To:      ALL 
From:    KRAZY 
Subject: Valentine's day 

Okay, Nimrod I realise you're attracted to me, but most people send flowers 
to their valentines... trying to get my attention by destroying one of 
my bunkers and a ship may be considered a bit extreme! 

And besides, I'm happily married! :P 


Visit for the full story :P
Message: 11439  Tue Feb 20 05:59:40 2007  (Public) 
To:      ALL 
From:    JEEP 
Subject: Valentine's day 

when i went there it had me download something and my AV caught it as 
spyware. thats just dirty. take that crap off before you post it to the 
public to see, kry.
Message: 11440  Tue Feb 20 10:04:08 2007  (Public) 
To:      JEEP 
From:    KRAZY 
Subject: Valentine's day 

Your computer is obviously infected with the PEBKAC trojan. 
I suggest you put it back into it's box and send it to someone 
who has a clue. 

Message: 11442  Tue Feb 20 20:44:02 2007  (Public) 
To:      JEEP 
From:    SIVART 
Subject: Valentine's day 

I'm surprised you even got there while the site was online. Ignore KRY, 
he has a lot of convienent technical problems to explain why everything 
he does is so very broken. just do what others like I have resorted to 
doing, just don't go there and ignore the rants of the crazy krazy.
Message: 11443  Wed Feb 21 00:02:32 2007  (Public) 
To:      JEEP 
From:    TELNET!! 
Subject: Valentine's day 

Now  Why would anyone be surprisd that  a KRY website does   NOT 
have spyware  on worse on it  I just dont know. 
I guess thats one way to maybe steal passwords (trojan) or at a minimum 
track how many time a  machine logs into  the game For those of you who 
have a static IP address watch out... 
A new low has been  reached  to win the game 
But then again  it  might all be just another Rumor. 
(I'll stay away form the site  just to be safe)
Message: 11446  Wed Feb 21 05:41:28 2007  (Public) 
To:      TELNET!! 
From:    NIMROD 
Subject: Valentine's day 

wel that would explain how he got his hands on the sg1 ships (among so 
many others that seem to do his dirty work). 
Rumors always have some semblance of truth to them. Theres just no such 
thing as coincidence in sst. 
I'm sure he'll produce some more fake logs to prove that something did 
or didn't happen. not much we can do about that. 

Long live MSS! 


2 thoughts on “TLF Newsflash! Trolls emerging from sewers!

  1. And the personal attacks continue!
    For the record, the ‘confrontation’ between the ELF admin and myself has been recorded in this article

    Message: 11448  Wed Feb 21 12:42:56 2007  (Public)
    To:      ALL                     
    From:    KRAZY                   
    Subject: Boo Hoo                                                         
    It's the Return of the Trolls!
    Lucky for me they're too incompetent to operate a web
    browser to read my web site...

    Or search google for if you believe the trolls 
    Message: 11455  Wed Feb 21 22:40:10 2007  (Public)
    To:      KRAZY                   
    From:    NIMROD                  
    Subject: Boo Hoo                                                         
    When you visit 1 doctor and then go to 4 more doctors for second opinions 
    and they all explain your obvious mental health problems by telling you 
    that you have 13 brain tumors do you argue and say its a pebkac or call 
    them trolls? obviously its all the other people in the world who disagree 
    with your tech situation.  couldn't be that the infamous kry is wrong 
    or skewing the truth to his advantage (again). 
    Message: 11463  Sat Feb 24 02:10:04 2007  (Public)
    To:      NIMROD                  
    From:    SIVART                  
    Subject: Boo Hoo                                                         
    you should have seen him in ELF making up stories against the admin. admin 
    called him 
    out on it and he ran away with his tail between his legs. 
    I wonder what drives the guy to pick fights with everyone. maybe he gets 
    off on it... 
  2. The saga continues…

    These guys need to get their AV software updated… they’re detecting the obvious decoy virus, and failing to find the real EICAR virus!

    Message: 11481  Wed Feb 28 16:54:10 2007  (Public)
    To:      JEEP                    
    From:    RATTLE                  
    Subject: Valentine's day                                                 
    I got the same warning I think. Was it the Backdoor.Lala alert?
    Message: 11487  Wed Feb 28 20:35:27 2007  (Public)
    To:      RATTLE                  
    From:    TAR                     
    Subject: Valentine's day                                                 
    Thats an old one.
    from the site:
    Backdoor.Lala is a Trojan Horse that allows unauthorized access to a compromised
     computer. The Trojan opens TCP/UDP port 4627, 1149, or 1877 to allow 
    remote access. The Trojan attempts to steal confidential information (such 
    as cached passwords and cookies), log keystrokes, and allow for remote 
    file execution.
    In general you should never run downloads from an untrusted site. Hopefully 
    not many were infected.
    Message: 11488  Wed Feb 28 22:59:11 2007  (Public)
    To:      ALL                     
    From:    BOB                     
    Subject: good lord!                                                      
    what the hell is going on? there are messages in the public boards and 
    they're not just people slamming each other.  This isn't normal at all! 
    Who's replaced all my bitter mean SST players with helpful nice people???
    Bob, leader of FOB
    Message: 11490  Wed Feb 28 23:50:05 2007  (Public)
    To:      BOB                     
    From:    MIRARI                  
    Subject: good lord!                                                      
    im with you
    except, what can i do about it
    krys all robot, all machine and all evil
    what can i do
    [ponders a moment and starts to build figs]
    Message: 11491  Thu Mar  1 06:00:09 2007  (Public)
    To:      ALL                     
    From:    DIREBMEM2               
    Subject: Trojan on Kry Site... computer virus                            
    I cannot stnad people who use virus. it is illeagle. I dont care if the game
    friggin  rules say anything goes.. this is wrong. It that is the way kry plays
    then  I say he should not play or at a mimmum we should just make it
    damn hard for him to play in here.  (as I shake my head in digust)
    It is just  wrong. We play for fun.  its just wrong  wrong wrong. he should be
    booted from the game. If that canot be done then the player may want
    to really unite on this one.