Better late than never… I missed the reset, so had to wait until the next round started before I could get the rankings.

What a quiet round!
Shadows took out the number one position, and his team was also the highest ranked (pretty easy if there’s no other teams!)

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Gang  Rank Pack __Score__ _Region_ 
SHADOWS                  Commander+9        [SOP]   1  HDe   46808787  176001s 
MIR                      Lieutenant+4       [SOP]   2  HFr   44163483   32001s 
QUIETLY                  +Czar+             [---]   3  JGa   32291472       Io 
AYRADYSS                 +Czar+             [---]   4  HLi   26897789       1s 
PANZERIV                  (in hospital)     [---]   5  SLi   17213958  192001s 
GESTALT                  +Czar+             [---]   6  Lin   14279790  304001s 
WHITEFIRE                +Czar+             [---]   7  CPr   13269671       Io 
GOLDENTIDE               +Czar+             [---]   8  SLi   12773168   64001s 
KRAZY                    +Czar+             [---]   9  HFr    9266573   48001s 
RAVEN                    +Overlord+         [---]  10  Tra    8699059  224001s

And here’s the Team rankings from this round

______________Gang_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s) 
Shadows of the Past                       [SOP]      1         90971

For the full listings click here

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