Three Cardinal Rules

Isn’t the web great? I decided to bounce around Ray’s site a bit after writing that last post, and for a laugh I thought I might visit Kirelli’s old website.

Out of curiosity (and a bit of nostalgia) I had a quick look at the manual and came across the following gem!

Three Cardinal Rules:

We have only three simple rules

  1. Play only your character, only the number of aliases explicitly permitted, and never, ever share accounts! The current limit is 16 players per person. This means that each person can play under 16 different names here. If a popup hint claims a different number, it is incorrect.
  2. Use no profanity or personal verbal obnoxiousness anywhere here — including the radio, the message base, and graffiti.
  3. Violate no applicable law in your use of this system.


How many of the SST cardinal rules have you broken?
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Note: The TLR code base changes the ship limit to be only 4 ships!

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  1. Boy have things changed. I remember when people ACTUALLY followed those rules. HAH! I have always been humble in running under 16 ships (I know I have 16 ships, but im still trying to remember the last 4.) As for account sharing…I guess sometimes I do use profanity, but I try not to. Everyone finds a way around it, and almost everyone uses it. Nobody uses swears too often, for if they did, they would be a candidate for my hunting skills 😉 Violate no law? Isn’t that a legal matter, not an sst matter. I don’t cheat, don’t use viruses, nor do I use any bots, just humble trading. Poor old me 🙁

  2. As I read it, the first rule should actually be two rules; No account sharing & abide by the ship limit.

    Profanity is something which I try to avoid, though I do think I may have slipped once or twice 🙁 I think the worst culprit of breaking this rule was good old Doom Giver!

    As for the applicable laws, I think most of us abide by this one… though I do think stealing passwords could be considered a case of unlawfully gaining access to someone elses account? Hmmm, maybe Ray should send the access log off to the authorities?

  3. you only say that cause you know you can’t get in trouble for all the ship stealing you did since you’re not in the local US jurisdiction. plus i’m sure the “authorities” won’t give a rat’s ass about accounts in a game.

  4. This is unrelated, but Kry, if you didn’t check your email, I can’t post with Mirari. (notice the capital M, it matters.) I wrote a pretty lengthy manual for s.t. and I would like to get it up. thanks

  5. Coco: Believe it or not, there are laws that exist outside of the US…

    The Australian federal authorities consider ANY illegal account access as a serious offence.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s only a game either 🙂

    Do you want to play a game? (Y/N)

  6. you can see the logs? what other private information in the server are you looking at? messages? private radio? ship location? ship passwords of idle players?


    logs wouldn’t exonerate you anymore than anyone else. ever since the
    methods and sites were broadcast in #floaty i haven’t known anyone who
    wasn’t aware of and using proxies full time.

    about the best the logs might prove is just how many existing players
    gleamed that information from irc during that era.

    i’m sure there might be a couple players who don’t use them though. not
    only would it help one get around the IP limit when its on but the
    internet is not a trustworthy place; people (and blog sites like this!)
    are logging everything about you such as your OS, your IP, and other info
    all the time. proxies are everyones’ friends. lets not make it easy for
    the bad guys.

    you have to figure out who people are in sst by noticing similarities and
    slip ups in mannerisms. and watching people use other people’s ships to
    grow their own farm is not a bad clue either. or should we ignore the

  7. He can see the logs? OH MY GOD! WHAT A MONSTER!!!

    Just kidding

    Hey before you go ranting about accessing private information, why don’t you click on the little button called “Underground News.”

    And the only person, according to the forbidden logs that is warping planets, is me! 🙂

    And I am certainly not supplying KRY with planets.

  8. lol

    That was suppose to be ‘The actual server logs WOULD exonerate me’.

    But unless Ray decides to intervene one day, I guess we’ll never really know.

  9. mirari,

    the private information was in reference to kry saying the logs exonerate him.. which implies he has access to the server level logs and other privileged info. at least it implied that until his quick CYA addition to his slip-up to make it appear otherwise.

    also, i wasn’t talking about you or recently; i was referring to the use of KC ships to expand the KRY farm. the underground news made it very obvious.

  10. My farms have not been expanded in a long time… apart from the occasional rebuild after attacks by your comrades.

    And why would the KC ships be helping me rebuild, only a few weeks after decimating my ships and bunkers?

  11. i hope you’re playing dumb because you can’t be so dumb as to not know what i’m talking about. then again i’ve gone through your playing dumb about the attacks on me and my things for going on a year now.

    i was referring to you swiping the original KC ships, flying them for a few months until he came back. then he started raising a stink so whoever was flying it spent the forces hitting some starbases. and then warped planets. and immediately after that happened your team ships log in and start building starbases.. one would presume, over the planets you just warped from the opponent farm.

    but considering we know you’re buddy buddy with the people with admin access to the logs and ship info, its no surprise no one was ever caught for the crime and the ships were never returned to the owner.

  12. Intersting. I’m not sure who this Mister E is, but I find it rather odd that one day, he is writing posts from Germany, then from America, and now he’s in Japan. Mabye it’s just bussiness. And just to clarify things, the Killercool ships he is talking about are the one’s on SG1, not the one’s on NET. Just here to help, Mir.

  13. I’m not playing dumb, I’m just presenting the facts as I see them.

    The only attacks I’ve performed have been retaliatory… and if you ever bother to log your ‘normal’ ship back in, you’ll see it wasn’t me that destroyed it.

    As for the source of the planets I’m using to rebuild my farms with… they’re coming from OPEN space! No need to raid farms while I still have a list of 50+ planets! 😛

    If I did have access to the log files, why haven’t I posted them on this blog? I’ve got everything else on here, from source code, screenshots, player rankings, ship event logs, radio converstations etc.

  14. mir, please refer to the 8th comment above, it explains the multiple locations. in short, i use the common knowledge proxies explained and promoted in #floaty

    kry, even if it wasn’t one of your ships everyone knows that now (and several times in the past) you’ve called forth your old allies to do your major offensive strikes. and normally they do it… but this time its obvious that they just gave you the ships and you are using mpe and b.m to do your dirty work so, i presume, that your main ships won’t use any forces. (of course there is the miracle chance that the 3+ long since retired players came back to drive their 60+ ships all of a sudden and do your bidding for no reason at all…. lol!) i have to admit, i find the effort at the conversations online pretty good. you should sell tickets to the kry-self-conversation show.

    if you include those 60+ ships and the 15-20 swiped KC ships, and your own 17-20 (team kry plus shogunate, xavior01, and afew others) then you have quite a nice collection. I guess even if you have 100 ships then you’re still only breaking the “over 16 ship limit” once.

    i guess i’m just flattered that a guy with only 3-5 ships has rattled you so much that you are resorting to such dirty methods to combat my teammates.

  15. where do you post the event logs and radio stuff?
    btw, i found a bug with your site. When changing avatars, and after you have confirmed it, if you hit the button that says return to site or something, a message appears that says another email has been sent.

  16. Thanks for the info Mirari, I’ll check to see if there’s an update for that plugin…

    It’s ironic how such a ‘worldy’ person as Mister E, knows so much about how to utilise proxies, yet only runs 3-5 ships? I’m also amused that they don’t seem to recall how many ships they possess?

    I should also point out how obviously ridiculous it is for me to require so many ships in my supposed vendetta… KC has already pointed out that my resources are greater than my victim, and I’m the type of person who’d always use a KRY ship for the final kill, there’s no need to confuse the poor soul anymore than necessary! 😀

    If anyone has any doubt about whether my allies are acting independately, ask them while they’re online. Or if you believe the self conversation remark, try emailing them as I doubt they’d hand over their personal email accounts.

  17. i run 3 well known ships. and 2 not so known ships. unlike you i have difficulty being so openly dishonest so i didnt say just 3 ships.

    if i said who the remaining 2 were then you would probably just hunt them down too.

    so my using proxies has nothing to do with the amount of ships I have. i already told you that its for identitiy protection. and it sounds like its a good thing considering your log watching.

    how would emailing people who have willingly given you their ships prove anything? thats like being an accomplice in a crime and telling the cops that the other criminal in the crime can vouch for you. of course your friends are going to back you up and say “sure kry is the nicest most sweetest non cheating sst player in the world! and he would never steal kc’s ships and use them for farm building!” and just like you, they have no credibility.

  18. Hmmm also an expert on criminal knowledge? I wonder what side of the law this silver tongued devil resides on?

    I guess you don’t count the shared team ships which you’ve also used against me.

  19. Also, not to be picky, but where would these radio logs and underground news logs be? I would like to take a peak.

  20. its so cute when you avoid the topic of conversation like that, kry. we all know you run them.

    i don’t share the ships. but i can see that you consider that an exception to the # of ships. since you “share” all of KC’s old ones and bestarks and quasi and canopus. i just hope you never “share” mine away from me some day as well.

    oh well, with ray missing and the closest thing to law/order we have is your close buddy bestark then there’s nothing i can do but whine to the two or three people who actually read this site.

  21. Mirari: There’s snippets of radio logs & underground news in my various posts… for example this article from last year, where an unbiased former player was trying to clear up a few rumours.

    Mister E: I’m too busy in RL at the moment too continue this insane conversation…

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