TLF Newsflash! Team KRY devastated!

It started off like any other day… kids making way too much noise, and the wife telling me to get out of bed and play with the kids.

Imagine my surprise when I found out half of my ships had been destroyed overnight! With KC taking the credit for it too?

Message: 11555  Sat Mar 10 21:04:06 2007  (Public)
To:      ALL                     
From:    JDOG427                 
Subject: bad bad boy                                                     

Evil KRY,
I don't know how long everyone else was planning to sit there and watch 
your dishonest ways but today was my limit. The way you trash these startup 
players and teams (verbally and with your large military force) is pathetic. 
If you run every small person and team out of the game then its going 
to be the same old stale game thats been going on for the last 3 years. 
You have to let them grow. Seeing you guys hunt down and kill poor Nimrod 
yet again today was the last straw. Come on, does the poor guy even have 
25k figs compared to your millions that I found in your bunkers. Have 
you ever noticed their team score is 1/3rd yours and you have half as 
many ships? 
I don't think I need to even go into the topic of you and the ship stealing. 
Thats affected at least one member of this team quite directly. 
Well anyway I've sent a few of your ships to the hospital to have a time 
out and think about their bad behavior. And if we're lucky you'll spend 
your future farm income on rebuilding your millions of figs or picking 
on my team (a team that is at least remotely built up compared to you!) 
and then you can leave these startups alone for a while. That or you'll 
wuss out again and get your buddies in to do all your dirty work for you 
once again. Either way it should add a little excitement to this game.

Once again I’m being accused of being in the wrong, and like every other time I’m guilty until proven innocent! However that’s part of the problem, I can’t prove my innocence because there’s actually no evidence that I’m guilty, it’s all just heresay and rumours.

I’m surprised at who initiated the attack, despite his stolen ships being used against my team in the past, KC has succumbed to the rumour that I’m the infamous ship stealer. Honestly, I’m barely able to run the 16 ships I have on team KRY, and now that the IP limit has been reapplied to TLF, the two scout ships I had access to aren’t readily available anymore.

As for the Nimrod attack… I guess the fact that Bestark has been reading this blog and deciding to return to TLF is actually my fault! But I had nothing to do with his recent attacks on MSS ships, AFAIK Bestark is taking back his farmlands which MSS had been raiding.

Now for the interesting bit, I have on many occasions reaffirmed with the captain of MSS that there was to be a non-aggression pact between our teams… I’ve also been approached quite a few times to disband KRY and join MSS. But why would I join a team that so obviously has members who don’t respect the orders of their captain?

I have to take some of the responsibility for the devastation of my ships… I had 7 of them parked next to each other in bunkers!!! I had noticed that JUDICATOR had located the bunkers, but I arrogantly thought I had another day or two to relocate them (again).

One final thing… when I first started playing SST, there was this great community of people who helped shape the universe that we all shared. One of the most important commodities back then was respect, you had to earn it by interacting with other players and teams! These days all it takes is an unfounded rumour, and suddenly a team that has done nothing but trade peacefully becomes the target of everyone’s prejudice. If I was the #1 ranked team I could understand the unwanted attention, but the best I ever got to was #5.

That’s all for now, I have a team to rebuild… the next page is the event log of the attacks on my bunkers (for those of you who are interested).

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  1. Hmm, sound awful :-).
    I have started the kry planets hall-o-fame
    I have every bunker of yours destroyed throughout this conflict If you care to visit, the entrance fee…
    thanks, mir