New 70-Day Game

A new space tyrant game has started. Unfortunatly, you can’t view the previous game’s results. For the most part, the order was (by player name, not ship name)
Bestark, Mirari, Ray, M.O.G, Star Ranger
I’m looking forward to seeing more people in this next round. Look out for my ships: Conquest, Mirari, Bloodquest, Spiral (cheating ship), Reflections, Shadows, Shadows of the Past, Blackjack, Ace of Spades and Jackpot!! on team [ACE] Starship Trader’s Casino (my unnoficial title while under g’s wing)
Laters, Mir

2 Replies to “New 70-Day Game”

  1. I found a glitch in the game, you should check out the scores:
    name team ship score galaxy tag
    1 spiral [ACE] Huntr 102541586 Sabik 309
    2 bloodquest [ACE] Freig 11922422 Sabik 184
    3 mirari [ACE] L.Cru 7501803 Sabik 157

    got 50 million fuel hehe 😛