The Spectrum

With all the action going on in TLF (and nothing to do during science class) I decided to scratch up a spectrum. I put it in word, took a photo of it and here it is. Please don’t be offended if I got it wrong. Nobody on the list is inherently evil. This is all from the way I know. There are some people on it I’ve barely talked to. I didn’t know what to call the split of people into following Kry or follow Drag, so I called it Kryist and Dragist. Please leave some feedback!
Mirari's Spectrum

6 Replies to “The Spectrum”

  1. I’ve fixed up the image for you by converting the actual TIFF to a real JPEG. 🙂

    I’m afraid you’ve got bots & clients totally confused.

    A BOT is an automated agent that doesn’t require a human operator.

    The clients that I know of (Bestark, Art & mine) all require a human operator.

    What I find funny is that a lot of the ‘human’ players you mention are known bot users… they just won’t admit it!

  2. Right, sorry, i meant clients, although a few of the people are botted. I meant to say something along the lines of using more technology than either telnet or web browser. And by human I mean that more support the use of non-client or non-bot. thanks for the convert

  3. *sigh* A client is not a bot, a client is nothing more than an interface into the game. A web browser is a client the same way telnet is a client.

    Yes, clients can have some bot-like features, but most bots don’t use the client port, they use the telnet port. Have a look through the ELF comments on here where one player admits they use bots.

    All of this anti-client hysteria is simply an excuse for the prejudice against some players, and to hide the real problems with the game.

  4. I’m not saying all clients are wrong, but just that some people use them irresponsibly. The y-axis of the spectrum is how much I see people using more technology than was originally made, not how irresponsibly I think they use it. That would be a whole nother chart.