Here’s the results from the latest round of TLR.

Ubertrader (BC) has finished in the top spot… Bestark a close second!

Good news, the number of registered ships has gone up this round!

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Gang  Rank Pack __Score__ _Region_ 
UBERTRADER               Try Space Tyrant!  [TF3]   1  JFp   52225825  Larissa
BESTARK                  Space Tyrant Rocks![---]   2  CFp   52014931   Tethys
COOKIE_MONSTER5          +Czar+             [_A_]   3  JPr   34088498       Io
COOKIE-MONSTER5          Space Tyrant+5     [_A_]   4  SLi   33077215   16001s
COOKIE+MONSTER5          Warlord+4          [_A_]   5  Lin   31751061  112001s
MEMBERID                 Tactician+9        [BIC]   6  HLi   31184281  288001s
COOKIE MONSTER5          Admiral+9          [_A_]   7  HLi   26854696   32001s
MOOTPOINT                Nomad+7            [---]   8  JPr   21376120       Io
RAGNAR                   Ranger+9           [---]   9  Fre   18165990  320001s
CRUSOE                   Nomad+8            [---]  10  Fpa   13179555       Io

And here’s the Team rankings from this round

______________Gang_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s) 
The A Team                                [_A_]      1        125770
The Fabulous Fig Fighters                 [TF3]      2         52225
wow, fenris, horde                        [BIC]      3         31184

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