Let’s get this party started!

It’s finally happened!!
Dragelet promised to go out with a bang, and he’s made a reasonable start.

His target, of course, was team KRY once again…

Message: 11747  Wed May 16 07:23:54 2007  (Public)
To:      ALL                     
From:    TAR                     
Subject: farm land                                                       

for anyone who can use it, there's 1000 sectors of uncovered fram land 
open at 1673001-1674000. 

I’d like to point out, that Dragelet has once again posted misleading information…

he didn’t uncover 1000 sectors of fram land…

It was actually only 923 sectors of farm land.

In his rush, he somehow managed to miss 23 of my defensive starbases. Maybe he ran out of time, out of fuel, or out of figs?
I’ve quickly rushed out and downgraded those 23 starbases. I don’t really want to stir up anymore trouble by leaving remnants of Dragelets incompetance in plain sight! 😛

As for the uncovered farm land, I have reclaimed some of the planets and ports, but I’ve decided that most of it can now be considered public property… first in, best dressed!

Now for the really interesting stuff… the war report!

Team KRY Losses
510 #9  Defensive Starbases    979200000 Reputation Points
413 #10 Defensive Starbases   1585920000 Reputation Points
923     Starbases             2565120000 Reputation Points


Team TCW Losses
510 12800 Figs  6528000 Figs  2611200000 Reputation Points
413 25600 Figs 10572800 Figs  4229120000 Reputation Points
923            17100800 Figs  6840320000 Reputation Points

The next page has the event logs from the raid…