TLF’s future?

A new bug has appeared in TLF, which under certain conditions causes a scoring glitch. The end result is that a ship’s score can jump dramatically upwards.

The last time a bug like this was exploited, ST intervened and disabled ships who had been profiteering from the exploit… however I have a few other suggestions.

  1. Reset TLF – New ships for everyone
    Pro – Evens the playing field, and won’t scare off new players
    Con – TLF code is no longer maintained by Ray, bugs & exploits would still exist
  2. Retire TLF – Switch it off, players can go to ELF or TLR
    Pro – No more bugs & exploits.
    Con – No more endless game, forces Resort format onto players
  3. Replace TLF – Start a new endless game using the TLR server (without resorts)
    Pro – TLR code IS maintained, known bugs & exploits have been fixed
    Con – TLR settings aren’t as compatible (but could be fixed)
    Finally, a decent idea for a poll!

    My vote is going to be to replace TLF… everybody would get to start fresh, new allies, new enemies, fewer bugs!

    If we do this right, we might attract some new players, and maybe even get some vets back!

    What should happen to TLF?
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    It’s also time to face a basic truth about TLF…

    Practically everyone is cheating in one form or another

    Here’s how people are cheating (and some of the justifications)
    Players running other players ships. (They retired | I’m only bunkering fuel for my teammates | extortion | password stealing | password sharing | team ships)
    Running over the ship limit. (Everyone else does it | I want more than 16 ships)

    I’m guilty of both…
    – the ROBOTTT ships were supplied to me, Q was recruiting me and didn’t want to wait for me to try and get another 9 ships through EU.
    – I have two scout ships, that takes me over the limit.

2 Replies to “TLF’s future?”

  1. Hmm…I’m gonna have to go with the third option. It is by FAR the best choice. The last thing I want is for Ray to close down endless games because I hate TLR and the ELF games are just boring…sorry drag 🙁

    A reset would be nice, but it wouldn’t fix the problem. A new endless game would fix the problem AND level the playing fields.

    My vote’s with #3!