Online graphs problem

Something strange is happening over at ELF… the number of logged in users is jumping all over the place which makes the graphs look very strange.

I’ve done a quick workaround with the graphs, so they look a little saner.

Sane Graph
Sane graph
Crazy Graph
Crazy graph

I’ve sent Dragelet an email about the strange figures, as I think it’s something that should be investigated.

If (and when) the figures come good, I’ll restore the ELF data from a backup, which will remove the bogus data…

3 Replies to “Online graphs problem”

  1. Well it’s been 3 weeks since I reported this problem… and no response from the ELF admins at all.

    ELF will no longer show up on the normal Online graphs. It will still appear on this page however.

    I’m still curious about what’s causing these strange values, I’ve got my suspicions…

  2. The strange data is gone… or has it?

    The telnet port for ELF has up and vanished, which is what I was using to collect the logged on user information.
    I’ll try and fix the collecter this weekend to fallback to the web interface.

    So, did the strange number of logins disappear at the same time the telnet port stopped working?

    And, why has the telnet port disappeared?

    In the meantime, I’ve changed the graphs to show the Weekly information!

  3. The weekly graph no longer shows the problem, time to move to the monthly graph 😀

    I’m hoping it’s a simple admin problem, but it’s looking more like a cover up now.

    Telnet & Web port are closed, to me only! I’m able to access the page at, and the login history page, but that’s it. 😛

    However, I’ve been able to confirm that the logged in user count on the ELF server has been disabled, so even if I wasn’t blocked, the online graphs wouldn’t show anything anyway.

    So, if I were the admins at ELF, and I wanted to provide a good excuse for locking me out, it would be I was probing their site too often… (lame, but feasible)
    As for the login count, a good excuse would be that someone disabled the cron count on the server…

    So what’s really going on over at ELF? Why hasn’t anyone replied to my emails? ❓

    I’ll probably be accused of being incompetent once again, having the inability to configure a web browser etc… 😕

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