TLF-20070619 Rankings

Update time.

A couple of items to report:
*Confirmed sightings of returning vets (ILLQO, SHADOW & VENOM)
*One of the score bug infected ships refuses to stay dead, and has been seen jumping from team to team.
*Player Rankings have change just a little bit… 3 extra NET ships are now in the top 10.


______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Team  Rank Ship __Score__ _Region_
RAGEAGAINSTTHEMACHINE     (in hospital)     [NET]   1* Cor 4261589206 1600001s
BIKINI COMMANDO          King of the Breasts[NET]   2* HFr 1487817137  200001s
BLAH                     What - Me Worry?   [TCW]   3* HFr 1445188323  480001s
PRIME MOVER              OPTIMUS            [NET]   4* HFr 1443825885 1560001s
LIQUOR                   Dont even know her![NET]   5* HFr 1440159717  400001s
JUME                     Who May?           [TCW]   6* HFr 1417235355       1s
DRAGELET                 Fake Retired Too   [TCW]   7* HFr 1410229225  880001s
TAR                      Nicotine           [TCW]   8* HFr 1370258303  480001s
DOCTORZ                  Retired +1         [DOC]   9* HFr 1361702801  400001s
AXE1                     +9/11 Memorial+    [NET]  10* HFr 1340801090  760001s

______________Team_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s)
Netrek                                    [NET]      1      40921144
Blood Money                               [B.M]      2      40753404
The Void's Devourers                      [TVD]      3      35237446
Mercantile Partners Empire                [MPE]      4      33421115
The Commonwealth                          [TCW]      5      33349931

4 Replies to “TLF-20070619 Rankings”

  1. lol, rage is back on my team. its doing no harm there but putting me on the first page. i figured out who was posting on your site, but i think you alread know.