This blog was recently updated to WordPress 2.5… but it turns out that quite a few of the plugins I use are either incompatible, outdated or broken, and some are just plain toxic! 😛

So I’m now reviewing, updating and fixing as much as I can.

If you experience any problems or notice a problem that I haven’t, send me an email, leave a comment or send me a message on TLF or TLR.

Polls: No updates or patches since September 2006… also turns out they haven’t been accepting any new votes for a couple of months!
FIXED The code I added from the BadBehaviour plugin to prevent ballot stuffing by a certain user needed to be updated due to a RBL server returning false positives.

Downloads: Where do I start… I’ve got the latest version from Oct 2007, the recent addition of some AJAX functionality to the admin pages broke three other plugins (I’ve spent weeks trying to fix the other plugins and only just made the connection)
REPLACING Found a better plugin that also allows multiple versions of the same file… should be fully cutover to the plugin in a few days. 🙂

Recent Comments: Well, all looks good to the readers, but this plugin is almost 4 years old, and completely breaks the widget system.
FIXED A bit of code editing fixed the widgets, but I’m thinking I might replace this plugin.