ELF challenge!

It’s now been over 500 days since I was banned from ELF.

But by using my mystical knowledge of proxies I do pop in there on occasions. :P

My interest in all things SST is fading slowly… I’ve found a new online game to play that is consuming a lot of my spare time. The player community is extremely active and the game developer hasn’t abandonded his creations.

But I digress, back to ELF… I noticed a lot of familiar names listed on the history page. Seems a lot of players who disappeared in the last couple of years of TLF have started to reappear. ELF is doing a great job of continuing the SST legacy.

Now for my challenge… or should I say challenges?
There’s less than 3 days to go in the 000 game. I’ve logged my ship in (ANONYMOUS) and have left it parked somewhere.

  • Challenge 1: Find my ship!
  • Challenge 2: Get the kill shot on my ship!
  • The prize? Well… you’ll get exclusive bragging rights that you’ve found and/or killed my ship.