Rankings from Round 2 of TLR (Incomplete)

Looks like Ray accidently lost the final rankings… which I found out about after I had cleared the history from my client! 🙁

Luckily Amber had the foresight to save some of the rankings as she logged out…

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Gang  Rank Pack __Score__ _Region_
KRAFTY                   +Czar+             [RDC]   1  SFr  520104200       1s
KATRINA                  +Overlord+         [---]   2  HCr  450822814       1s
POKEY                    +Czar+             [RDC]   3  SFr  443710707       1s
KRANKY                   +Czar+             [RDC]   4  JFp  423046878   Helene
KREEPY                   +Overlord+         [RDC]   5  JFp  350729397   Helene
AMBER                    +Czar+             [AOA]   6  JPr  344912657       Io
WINNIETHEPOOH             (in hospital)     [RDC]   7  SFr  343995759       1s
AYRADYSS                 +Czar+             [AOA]   8  HLi  343424690 1440001s
BESTARK                   (in hospital)     [RDC]   9  SFr  331520359       1s
KRAZY                    +Czar+             [RDC]  10  JFp  322718411   Nereid

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Welcome to my TLR/SST website.

I’ll be using this site to publish details about my client and all of the dirty little tricks I use to play the game 😉

At the moment all I have are some screen shots of my old client, and some screen shots that Bestark has shared with me.

Feel free to post any comments you want…

And if you want to add your own content, let me know and I’ll bump up your access!


Rankings from Round 1 of TLR

Here’s the top 10 of the first round of TLR

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______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Gang  Rank Pack __Score__ _Region_
BESTARK                  Chairman R.D. Coop [RDC]   1  SFr 1158311697       1s
KRAZY                    I got second place![RDC]   2  Fre 1022752016       1s
SOPCHOPPY SAM            Chancellor+7       [_A_]   3  SLi  897655168       1s
BOT BET1                 Say NO to Gambling [---]   4  Lin  840857959       1s
GUMBY                    Security R.D. Coop [RDC]   5  SFr  839965847       1s
STARFURY                 Research R.D. Coop [RDC]   6  SFr  820467946       1s
IRON KNIGHT              Relentless         [FOE]   7  SFr  817219750       1s
MISTER T                 First Star Master  [_A_]   8  SLi  810263498       1s
TALON_JASRA              Jedi Master        [FOE]   9  HFr  762009859       1s
POKEY                    Robotics R.D. Coop [RDC]  10  SFr  700452078       1s

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