TLR-20061204-6W (TLR Round 10 Results)

Round 10 is over… and my arbitary round numbering system really isn’t cutting it anymore. I’d like to cater for getting results from the ELF training games (if their admin doesn’t mind), so from now on the results are going to be GAME-EndDate-Length. So these results are for TLR-20061204-6W!

Player numbers have dropped this round… come on guys, tell your friends and family about this great game!!!
Perhaps we need something longer than a 6 week game?

Artemis has once again taken the top spots… even with my lacklustre performance this round, our team still managed to do well? 😀

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Gang  Rank Pack __Score__ _Region_
N00B1E                   +Czar+             [RFI]   1  CFp   88422928     Rhea
G00B1E                   Can U Hear Me Now? [RFI]   2  CFp   80181058     Rhea
THE BOT COLLECTOR        Emperor+7          [TF3]   3  SFr   72516767  240001s
R00B1E                   +Czar+             [RFI]   4  CFp   67145740     Rhea
POKEY                    +Czar+             [---]   5  CFp   55722781   Triton
SONG SUNG BLUE           +Czar+             [AOA]   6  HLi   55106626  128001s
BESTARK                  Space Tyrant Lives![---]   7  SFr   54647201  192001s
INFEST                   Plague+1           [RUN]   8  JFp   51232715  Umbriel
KAMIKAZE COWGIRL         +Czar+             [AOA]   9  JPr   50984484   Phoebe
AYRADYSS                 +Czar+             [AOA]  10  JPr   49490515   Phoebe

And here’s the Team rankings from this round

______________Gang_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s)
Resort Farmers Inc.                       [RFI]      1        370769
Angels of Amber                           [AOA]      2        260828
Resurrected Uber N00bs                    [RUN]      3        177074
The Fabulous Fig Fighters                 [TF3]      4        123256

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