TLR/TLF Hotel/Galaxy Structures

When I first started playing starship traders, there was an active yahoo group with much advice and other interesting postings. Among those post, and which I was fortunate enough to have saved, (somewhere along the way, the posts just got deleted) a post explained the structures of the galaxies. I’ve updated the content and used for training new captains and just recently added the equivalent hotel structures for resort worlds in the last resort.

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TLF-20070521 Rankings

The scores have changed a bit in the last 3 weeks…

Drag’s attack was of course mainly focused on Team KRY (no surprises there), so of course my meagre little team suffered a drastic team score drop.

Good news: It looks like Drag has officially retired.
Bad news: A recently discovered scoring bug has left one of his ships with an almost impossible score to beat.
Good news: Drag is gone
Bad news: KC has taken over the vast TCW empire…
Good news: KC will of course obey the ship limit and only run 16 ships (Yeah right!) Drag has retired!
Bad news: Mir = DBD (unconfirmed and unfounded Sorry Mir, couldn’t help myself!)
Good news: Thousands of farm planets have been uncovered! and Drag has retired!


Did I mention Drag has retired?

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Team  Rank Ship __Score__ _Region_
RAGEAGAINSTTHEMACHINE    +Overlord+         [NET]   1* Cor 4151305190  200001s
DARKFURY                  (in hospital)     [MPE]   2* SFr 4068435063 1120001s
BLAH                     What - Me Worry?   [TCW]   3* HFr 1445188323  480001s
LIQUOR                   Dont even know her![NET]   4* HFr 1435834497  400001s
JUME                     Who May?           [TCW]   5* HFr 1417235355       1s
DRAGELET                 Fake Retired Too   [TCW]   6* HFr 1410229225  880001s
TAR                      Nicotine           [TCW]   7* HFr 1370258303  480001s
DOCTORZ                  Retired +1         [DOC]   8* HFr 1361500850 1760001s
BIKINI COMMANDO          King of the Breasts[NET]   9* HLi 1355679295  200001s
WHITE WIZARD             Emperor+7          [WWS]  10* HFr 1329048650  880001s

______________Team_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s)
Blood Money                               [B.M]      1      40298317
The Commonwealth                          [TCW]      2      35873486
The Void's Devourers                      [TVD]      3      35237686
Netrek                                    [NET]      4      27596605
The Varangian Guard                       [TVG]      5      27131920

TLR-20070521-6W Rankings

Newsflash, new player wins round at TLR!

Bot Collector must have dozed off this round :P

______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Gang  Rank Pack __Score__ _Region_
FELYZA                   Commodore+7        [---]   1  SDe   41510934  384001s
BESTARK                  +Czar+             [---]   2  CFp   35233785   Nereid
POKEY                    Try Space Tyrant ;)[---]   3  CFp   35124343   Nereid
THE BOT COLLECTOR        I want my client ;([TF3]   4  SFr   30962503  320001s
UBERTRADER               +Czar+             [TF3]   5  SFr   30498489   32001s
SHADOWS                  Minor Tyrant+3     [---]   6  HLi   25313590  336001s
MARCO_JEEZ               Back in black!     [ROA]   7  HLi   21874856  384001s
RAVEN                    The Morrigan       [---]   8  CFp   21113864   Nereid
MR. JERK                 +Czar+             [ROA]   9  HLi   20319301  176001s
CHAMPION WOMBAT          +Czar+             [TF3]  10  CGa   18658911  Miranda

______________Gang_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s)
The Fabulous Fig Fighters                 [TF3]      1         97021
Return of the Ancients                    [ROA]      2         75897

TLF’s future?

A new bug has appeared in TLF, which under certain conditions causes a scoring glitch. The end result is that a ship’s score can jump dramatically upwards.

The last time a bug like this was exploited, ST intervened and disabled ships who had been profiteering from the exploit… however I have a few other suggestions.

  1. Reset TLF – New ships for everyone
    Pro – Evens the playing field, and won’t scare off new players
    Con – TLF code is no longer maintained by Ray, bugs & exploits would still exist
  2. Retire TLF – Switch it off, players can go to ELF or TLR
    Pro – No more bugs & exploits.
    Con – No more endless game, forces Resort format onto players
  3. Replace TLF – Start a new endless game using the TLR server (without resorts)
    Pro – TLR code IS maintained, known bugs & exploits have been fixed
    Con – TLR settings aren’t as compatible (but could be fixed)
    Finally, a decent idea for a poll!

    My vote is going to be to replace TLF… everybody would get to start fresh, new allies, new enemies, fewer bugs!

    If we do this right, we might attract some new players, and maybe even get some vets back!

    What should happen to TLF?
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    It’s also time to face a basic truth about TLF…
    Practically everyone is cheating in one form or another

    Here’s how people are cheating (and some of the justifications)
    Players running other players ships. (They retired | I’m only bunkering fuel for my teammates | extortion | password stealing | password sharing | team ships)
    Running over the ship limit. (Everyone else does it | I want more than 16 ships)

    I’m guilty of both…
    - the ROBOTTT ships were supplied to me, Q was recruiting me and didn’t want to wait for me to try and get another 9 ships through EU.
    - I have two scout ships, that takes me over the limit.

Indies, Bots and Planets, Oh My!

With Draglet’s retirement, these past few days have been more than interesting.

Team [NET] (aka KC) has gone way up in rank. They got a hefty addition from some [WWS] and [AMC] ships, and now have the #1 ranked ship, RAGEAGAINSTTHEMACHINE, who was exploiting a glitch.

Team [KRY] has gone down significantly due to an attack by Drag. B.M has suffered a blow, but not as much as Kry did. The Spiro Agnew has ended up in the hospital…I would assume this is drags doing, but there is nothing in the news about a ship being killed.

Personally, my team [ACE] is doing well. If anybody’s interested in joining, leave a comment ;)

As for planets. Wow! I have never seen such an abundance of free planets in all of my days. Over 3000 available sectors of Drag’s planets, about 500 sectors of Kry’s planets, and over 1000 of B.M’s planets.

There have been multiple accusations about me being [DBD] and aids, but seeing as half my family memebers are doctors, that seems unlikely ;)

Stolen ships are also being brought to awareness. KC got his SG1 ships stolen a long time ago. but they have been logging in recently. Also, SWAT appears to have had his ships stolen.

I had an interesting conversation with an SG1 ship recently.

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 659602 from MIRARI on channel 100:
"hello sg1"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 659603 from MIRARI on channel 100:
"or whomever this is"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 659604 from MIRARI on channel 100:
"here comes the log out..."

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 659605 from MIRARI on channel 100:
"wow, hes staying on longer than i thought"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 659606 from BIGSKY on channel 100:
"hey Mir"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 659607 from BIGSKY on channel 100:

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 659619 from MIRARI on channel 100:
"it talks!"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 659620 from MIRARI on channel 100:
"hey b"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 659627 from BUTROS-BUTROS-BUTROS on channel 100:
"hello mirari"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 659634 from MIRARI on channel 100:

Notice the gaps in the message numbers…somebodys trying a cover up.

The ship “YTTRIUM” was killed…by ME. I killed him while he was online. He has been destroying some of my farm, so it had to be done. He was killing some sb’s in Bestark’s farm in the 1152001′s. I tagged planets along the way and in a few days time, I’ll take em if nobody covers them up.

Here’s another interesting conversation that I caught (most of, at least) between KC and SG1, or KC and NET (personally, I think KC is team [NET] not [SG1]

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663555 from LIQUOR on channel 100:
"this is KC"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663556 from LIQUOR on channel 100:
"I've taken over soem of Drags old ships"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663557 from LIQUOR on channel 100:
"this cant be the real Swat"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663558 from SWATER on channel 100:
"what makes you say that? "

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663559 from SWATER on channel 100:
"i'm a little slow. its 8am here."

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663560 from LIQUOR on channel 100:
"You show up outta the blue after swat had left messages"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663561 from LIQUOR on channel 100:
"about his ships being stolen"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663562 from SWATER on channel 100:
"i dont know who was saying that. i gave those ships to slim"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663563 from LIQUOR on channel 100:
"lol i talked to slimm a few months ago he never stated that"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663564 from SWATER on channel 100:
"well how do i knoe you're who you claim to be? why dont' you fly your ships?"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663565 from LIQUOR on channel 100:
"lol if youw here the real Swat you would know since i sent you emails"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663566 from LIQUOR on channel 100:
"someone hacked all my passwords"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663567 from SWATER on channel 100:
"lost the password to those accoutns"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663568 from PLASMA on channel 100:

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663569 from COPPER on channel 76:
"Imposter! quit pretending to be me!"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663570 from COPPER on channel 76:

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663571 from PLASMA on channel 100:
"LOL IF YOU where really me you would know the ship Copper"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663572 from PLASMA on channel 100:
"isnt even really a KC ship it came from slimm"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663573 from COPPER on channel 76:
"Slimm gave me his ships. you're just trying to confuse people."

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663574 from PLASMA on channel 100:
"if Slimm gave you his ships log in Slimm right now"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663575 from COPPER on channel 76:
"i didn't get his main ships. why am i on trial. you're the one pretending"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663576 from PLASMA on channel 100:
"i see you keep moving my farmland Mirair"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663577 from COPPER on channel 76:
"Hey, Mir."

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663578 from PLASMA on channel 100:
"look at teh imposter who is in here"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663579 from COPPER on channel 76:
"whatever! you're the imposter!"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663580 from MIRARI on channel 100:
"hey *edit* team [SG1] *end edit*, hey kc"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663592 from COPPER on channel 76:
"damn propaganists! you're all been fooled!"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663593 from MIRARI2 on channel 14:

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663594 from LIQUOR on channel 100:
"i found it and im pretty sure im not the only 1 that visits my farm so they"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663595 from LIQUOR on channel 100:
"may find the warp sectors as well"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663596 from MIRARI on channel 100:

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663597 from MIRARI on channel 100:
"gotta any interesting convo's for me"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663598 from LIQUOR on channel 100:
"i would cover it and just put the ship on MSS but i just bult a ton and im tir"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663599 from COPPER on channel 76:
"Ah ha! so you'r really an MSS guy, not KC at all!"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663600 from LIQUOR on channel 100:
"Im getting off this channel ahve fun talking to yourself Imposter"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663601 from COPPER on channel 76:
"speak for your self, MSS. you are pretending to be me!"

\/\/\__Incoming radio message 663602 from JDOG428 on channel 100:
"here you go imposter"

As you can see, I missed a bit in the middle.

Casualties So Far: 3
The Spiro Agnew, Baja Sharks and Yttrium

Let’s get this party started!

It’s finally happened!!
Dragelet promised to go out with a bang, and he’s made a reasonable start.

His target, of course, was team KRY once again…

Message: 11747  Wed May 16 07:23:54 2007  (Public)
To:      ALL                     
From:    TAR                     
Subject: farm land                                                       

for anyone who can use it, there's 1000 sectors of uncovered fram land 
open at 1673001-1674000. 

I’d like to point out, that Dragelet has once again posted misleading information…

he didn’t uncover 1000 sectors of fram land…

It was actually only 923 sectors of farm land.

In his rush, he somehow managed to miss 23 of my defensive starbases. Maybe he ran out of time, out of fuel, or out of figs?
I’ve quickly rushed out and downgraded those 23 starbases. I don’t really want to stir up anymore trouble by leaving remnants of Dragelets incompetance in plain sight! :P

As for the uncovered farm land, I have reclaimed some of the planets and ports, but I’ve decided that most of it can now be considered public property… first in, best dressed!

Now for the really interesting stuff… the war report!

Team KRY Losses
510 #9  Defensive Starbases    979200000 Reputation Points
413 #10 Defensive Starbases   1585920000 Reputation Points
923     Starbases             2565120000 Reputation Points


Team TCW Losses
510 12800 Figs  6528000 Figs  2611200000 Reputation Points
413 25600 Figs 10572800 Figs  4229120000 Reputation Points
923            17100800 Figs  6840320000 Reputation Points

The next page has the event logs from the raid…

Posted in TLF

When did they last play?

Mir made an interesting post about ships that suddenly stopped playing. I thought it might be of interest to some, to see a list of inactive ships still in the rankings and when they last played. For simplicity, I’ve set a cut-off of December 31, 2006. Any ships having not played will show up in this list.

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TLF-20070502 Rankings

Time to update the ranks.

It’s been very quiet, the imminent threat of mass destruction seems to have scared some players away, so not much has changed in the last 3 weeks.

  • A new team has appeared [XIT], made up of former TCW ships.
  • The retirement party has been postponed… It’s now booked tentatively for the 15th of May. Don’t forget to send your RSVP’s!
  • [B.M] & [TCW] have switched places in the team rankings…

That’s it for now…


______Player_Name_______ ____Title+Level____Team  Rank Ship __Score__ _Region_
DRAGELET                 Fake Retired Too   [TCW]   1* HFr 1464439521  960001s
JUME                     Who May?           [TCW]   2* HFr 1461013973       1s
LIQUOR                   Dont even know her![TCW]   3* HFr 1426950620  400001s
TAR                      Nicotine           [TCW]   4* HFr 1424269340  480001s
BLAH                     What - Me Worry?   [TCW]   5* HFr 1400043617  480001s
DOCTORZ                  Retired +1         [DOC]   7* HFr 1361500850 1760001s
BIKINI COMMANDO          King of the Breasts[WWS]   8* HLi 1354251882  200001s
POUND OF FLESH           Where's my         [TCW]   9* HFr 1331630370  480001s
WHITE WIZARD             Emperor+7          [WWS]  10* HFr 1329048650  880001s

______________Team_Name________________  Abbrev.  Rank   Score (1000s)
Blood Money                               [B.M]      1      39770187
The Commonwealth                          [TCW]      2      37141865
The Void's Devourers                      [TVD]      3      35237686
The Varangian Guard                       [TVG]      4      27131921
Freedom                                   [KRY]      5      21046733